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Indianapolis Mayor Wants To Know Why Just Cookies Won’t Serve Gay Cupcakes to College Kids

Hoping to score some rainbow cupcakes to celebrate next month’s National Coming Out Day, the gays at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis were told by local bakery Just Cookies it couldn’t complete the order because, as owner David Stockton told a reporter, “we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that.” (David’s wife, meanwhile, says the bakery doesn’t even make cupcakes.) Now the mayor and a local radio show are involved. Yikes!

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard’s spokesman says the bakery’s actions are “unacceptable. They are in the City Market, it’s an equal accommodations establishment.” The mayor’s deputy chief of staff Robert Vane says the city has begun an investigation into the discrimination.

In the meantime The Scotty Show, a local radio program, is hosting the 1st Annual Gay Cupcake Party this Friday in response. Says host DJ Rayne: “It was definitely one of those things that hit home, you know our position with the gay community is so strong, we definitely want to be a part of it as much as we can, this had to be brought to light.”

Suffice to say, Just Cookies isn’t catering; cupcakes will be provided by The Flying Cupcake. So go on gays, run to your carbs!

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    Normal Business owner: An order is placed for cupcakes. they are baked daughters would probably like making said cupcakes. Because most likely they would be bright and colorfull. Students come into store, pay for cupcakes…………..

    Certified rightwing lunatic Business Owner: Screw the above, is “concerned” for his daughters. Because we all know in order to make a Gay cupcake, one needs to somehow locate Gay flour, and Gay sugar, and Gay water and Gay butter. Of course his “impressionable daughters” could not be exposed to all that Gayness!!……….

    And we haven’t even considered thought of that Gay frosting!!!! :p

    So comical, yet so sad………..

  • Victim of circumstance

    i live in indianapolis, and frankly, i’m suprized the students are getting as much suport as they are getting, not typical for a red state.

  • Ggeekboy

    @Victim of circumstance: What are you talking about?! This isn’t about equal rights, it’s about making money off minorities! Something Republicans fully support.

  • Victim of circumstance

    @ GGEEKBOY. how so?

  • counterpoll

    Unless I am missing some symbolism, a cupcake is an inanimate object: not straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans.

    Food can be sexy (ever “accidently” spill garlic butter on your man?!), but a cupcake is just a cupcake, a muffin is just a muffin, and a cookie is just cookie!

  • fuckrainbows

    U guys of all should know its a free country so if he doesn’t wanna bake your faggoty-ass cupcakes he shouldn’t have to!

  • Jon

    Who want’s to bet that this guy is a member of “Watchmen on the walls”?

  • Victim of circumstance

    i wish i could hang out with (fuckrainbows) sometime. we could do some baking and talk about things like his last comment and the fact that he somehow rationalized to himself, taking the time to visit a gay propaganda website and leave an anti-gay remark.

  • James


    I can understand why people are upset, but at the same time, I think people are overreacting about this “gay cupcake” incident.

    To prove that “Just Cookies” violated the equal accommodation clause, the students from the Indianapolis college group would have to prove that they were denied service BECAUSE the students were gay, not because “Just Cookies” declined to make the rainbow cupcakes for the Coming Out Day campus event.

    As long as “Just Cookies” didn’t refuse the students any service (such as letting them buy a cookie in the store), they are legally in the clear.

    And, what if it were the opposite scenario?

    What if I operated a gay-owned bakery, and some conservative Republicans or anti-gay people came in to my store as paying customers?

    I would still do business with them as individual customers, but if a group of those people asked me to produce customized cupcakes for their “GOP”, or “NOM” or “Exodus International” events, I would want to be able to say “heck no!”…….well, at least (politely) decline their request.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    If you want cupcakes, why would you approach a bakery called Just Cookies?

    The mind baffles.

  • fuckrainbowsisanidiot

    @fuckrainbows: Spoken like somebody who is desperate to stay in that closet. Don’t worry, we’ll still love you!

  • Jon

    @James: No. You would do your job as a service to the public as required by law and express your view in another way. . .like having a conversation with your employees explaining how when you own a business you can’t pick and choose your customers based on personal views.

    Although a cupcake war sounds trivial, it’s very similar to pharmacists refusing birth control on religious grounds.

    It cuts both ways. Even if it feels unequitable we have the same responsibility to uphold.

  • nelson

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles, cupcake.

  • John k.

    @fuckrainbows: Actually, we have public accommodation laws that say, no, in fact, if you want to do business in a particular place you give up the right to discriminate. Get a clue asshole.

  • RomanHans

    I’m glad the bakery owner stuck to his guns and refused to teach his impressionable young daughters that different frostings can live in harmony on a baked good.

  • John k.

    @James: No, sorry, I can’t agree with you. Accommodation non-discrimination is accommodation non-discrimination. We should have to make the custom cupcakes if we generally make custom cupcakes.

  • James

    @John k.: Okay, so if Westboro Baptist Church wants custom cupcakes or a custom cake that says “Gays burn in hell”, or “AIDS kills f*** dead”, you would make that cake and print those words for them?

    I would decline that job. But good for you.

  • Jon

    @James: You can personally object, but your business cannot.

  • adam

    @James: I would want to say no but instead, I’d make them, jack the price up and take as much money from them as I can.

  • Ryan


    I don’t agree with you either. I would serve anyone despite their political beliefs or background. It’s a business. I would only refuse if vulgar messages or images were to be added and rainbow colors do not qualify. I would never refuse service to a specific group of people. Even if I don’t agree with their beliefs.

  • Shan

    @SpiffyShindigs: What baffles me most is that people like to argue this point when it’s completely irrelevant. The issue here is the bakery said “We do not support gay initiatives” and hung up the phont on the person ordering. It was rude and poorly handled. Now if you have any actual relevant information to add to the debate other than being baffled, please let me know.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    @Shan: Seriously, that baffles you? I’m not defending the bakery for their actions, but I am honestly curious why one would go somewhere for cupcakes when it says right in the name that they only make cookies. It’s an amusing separate issue from the one that matters.

  • Kev C

    @SpiffyShindigs: Because the gay agenda is gayer than anyone can imagine.

  • S


    James, you said “What if I operated a gay-owned bakery, and some conservative Republicans or anti-gay people came in to my store as paying customers?”

    I feel COMPLETELY confident in assuming that this scenario will NEVER occur.

  • Comixbear

    @fuckrainbows: Now Now, FuckRainbows, we all know that YOU want to bake gay cupcakes, but you have to let the professionals have their chance first.


    EScuse me………..but I am not sure ’bout the rest of ya. However one sunny day I didn’t crawl outta bed pick my favorite pair of jeans (off the floor of course :p) pick out a nice shirt and say to myself:

    “Ya know today seems like a perfect day to have me some man sex for the first time”………….

    I was born Gay with no more choice in the matter than the color of my hair nor the color of my eyes. Nor is being Gay any more of a choice than being born Black, Asian, Hispanic, Handicapped or any other minority. And that is what this is all about. Anti discrimination laws are designed to prevent anyone from being denied goods, services, employment, or housing based on someone deciding they do not like the way that person was born. And while to some this cupcake caper may seem trivial, it is yet another battle we must fight and win to prove that we are no longer willing to settle for second class citizenship. We are the last accepted group where groups or individuals can spew hatred and bigotry upon and have elected officials virtually approve and refuse to act upon it………

    Sure the cookie monster could have kept his stupid mouth shut and simply refused the order. However once he puts it out there and declares he ain’t selling his goods or services to the Gays simply because they are Gay, we need to make sure every route possible to punish this schmuck for his actions are taken. Because if he pulled the same crap and denied the sale to any other minority there would be hell for him to pay………

    There is absolutley no reason why we should have to sit back and allow discrimination of any form against our community when the same behaviour is not tolerated against any other group………..

  • Equal Rights Now

    what an idiot! Those rainbow cupcakes could have helped put his daughters through college. I’m sure his sales have dropped as a result of this negative publicity. He’s gonna start begging to make rainbow cupcakes soon! lol

  • OrchidIslander

    @SpiffyShindigs: I can’t help but feel that you are getting a little too caught up in the name of the bakery, and not focusing in on the fact that the business is a BAKERY!!!!

    The owner’s wife, co-owner if you will, got caught in a lie when she said they don’t bake cupcakes. They most certainly do. Then she said they didn’t have enough dough for the order. Good thing she bakes for a living because she would starve if she got paid for creative and effective lying.

    Her husband fessed up and blamed their refusal on exposing his daughters to some colorful cupcakes which would endanger their immortal souls. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the drift.

    I attended IUPUI and the bakery in question is not far from the downtown campus. It is convenient, close and they do more than just cookies – but, maybe, not for long.

    I don’t miss living in one of the reddest states ever, but I am gratified at the level of protest and ire aimed at Just Cookies. If you Google the bakery, you will see what I mean.

  • McMike

    Funny how people pick and choose their morals. Oh wait, you mean his “morals” line up perfectly with his bigotry??? Gee, who would have guessed.

    Sorry, but anytime there would be an outrage if skin color was the issue instead then there needs to be an outrage.

  • Adrian

    David the owner of “Just Cookies” could have easily said “we don’t make cup cakes” and leave it at that.Instead he chose to show his prejudice by denying service to the students on the grounds of it’s a “family run business.”

    It should be interesting to see if the rest of anti-gay America creates a facebook page supporting “Just Cookies.”
    This kind of publicity could help Just Cookies get a wider bigoted customer base – unfortunately.

    The first ones to place an order of cookies will probably be the Westboro Baptist Church.

    “Just Cookies” the sweet side of bigotry

  • CHIP1218

    Wait, some of you guys are confusing things. For starters, the cupcakes were for an event called National Coming Out Day. They would be rainbow colored, I assume, or at least have rainbow sprinkles. Nowhere does the cupcake order require the company to wright out the words “Gay” or “Coming Out”, there was no writing on the cupcakes to begin with.

    That is different than having to write out anti-gay sayings on a cake, as some of you are suggesting is our version of an alternative situation we might encounter as LGBT businesspeople. However, we would never have to accept an order that required writing out words such as “AIDS Kills Fags Dead.”

    I don’t know if any of you heard about this, but last year or so, there was an uproar in New Jersey and Pennsylvania because some Right-wing Neo-Nazi named his child Adolf Hitler and wanted the local grocery stores and bakeries to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on a birthday cake. NONE of these business agreed to do it. Eventually he probably found some small bake shop willing to do it, but none of the chains would touch that cake with a ten foot pole – and it was within their rights.

    You can’t discriminate against anyone and say “you’re business is not welcomed here” unless it’s for a reason such as bad behavior, non-payment history, or something that isn’t a prejudice. However, you can decline to complete an order that requires you to write something that can be seen as discriminatory, hate speech, or against your religion. Making cupcakes they would normally bake, with no special requests like “pink triangle designs” or “make the sprinkles look like sperm” or “rainbow flag icing” does not allow them to deny the order on the grounds of personal choice of religion and family. Do they decline orders from single parents? Do they decline orders from convicts? Aren’t they worried those customers would leave an impression on their young daughters?

    And as an example, what could play out in NYC for those who can’t imagine this stuff happening there, when Park 51 wants to have a cake made for their groundbreaking, no bakery should be allowed to decline accepting an order of a cake. However, if they are asking someone to make a cake replica of the Twin Towers with a crescent on the side and a mosque minaret on top, well that’s another story…

  • Jimmy Fury

    @James: I have to agree with you on the major points.

    Proving accommodation discrimination requires them to prove the business refused all services based on the students’ sexuality. I’m not sure about the Indiana law but in some states they’d also have to prove the shop refuses services to *all* gay customers. In many states, private businesses reserve the right to refuse to serve customers on an individual basis without providing a reason.
    It’s a clause designed to let businesses refuse to serve assholes who haven’t actually broken any laws but are causing problems. Like people demanding refunds for something they can’t get a refund on or people who haven’t bathed in 3 years…

    Anyway, i’m getting off topic.
    Any business can refuse a service that they don’t provide, to anyone, for any reason they want. “Just Cookies” doesn’t sell cupcakes. period. end of story. Even if they hate gay people with an unending fury it’s irrelevant to the fact that they were being asked to provide a service that they don’t provide to *anyone*.

    If they wanted cookies it’s another matter, maybe, depending on whether or not they were requesting cookies that the place makes. If the shop doesn’t make rainbow cookies or doesn’t do custom orders then again, it’s a service they don’t provide to anyone.

    But I have to disagree with the comparison to a gay owned bakery refusing to service reps of a political party.
    Mind you, i’m not saying you’re wrong about that either. Indeed, all of the people disagree with you on that part are wrong.

    Political affiliation (and in some states religion) isn’t protected by equal accommodation laws. So we can continue to refuse services to asshole political groups all we want! :D

  • randy

    Adrian: “David the owner of “Just Cookies” could have easily said “we don’t make cup cakes” and leave it at that.I”

    Of course. But he wanted to make sure those hell-bound fags know what he thinks of them. And he’s standing up for God’s immortal laws!

    First, I would investigate why his daughters are working at a bakery. Aren’t their child labor laws? Or do they just hang out around the back and see each and every order? Shouldn’t they be in school?

    I would send those daughters cards and candies and all sorts of things with rainbows on them just to impress something on their impressionable minds. With enough cards, they might turn into lesbians.

  • Mimi

    So he’s conflating “Gay” with “Unsuitable for Children.” I suppose he’s the kind of guy who thinks all the gays should be locked up to prevent them from infecting the “impressionable” youth of America.

  • John Serak III

    I have my own small business and it is entirely MY choice with whom to do business. FUCK OFF, oh, never mind……….

  • jUsT sAYiN'

    To me, it’s not about gay or straight…liberal or conservative. It’s about an individual’s property rights and the business owner’s right to refuse service for whatever reason. Whether you agree with his views or not, it is his business. Anyone here would not appreciate being told what you can or can not do when it’s your own business. Restaurants have signs saying “No shirt…no shoes…no service”. Some are even restricting guests with children. It’s not about discrimination at all. And it looks like the group had no trouble finding another bakery to fill their order, so why make such a big deal?? I think we try to turn everything into an “issue”. That’s my 2 cents…carry on. :)

  • Mark

    Small businesses should have the right to refuse to do business with whomever. They should no more be forced to do my cupcakes than I should be forced to make a Sarah Palin cake! If we want our rights, we’d better watch out not to try and steal them from others or we’ll all be screwed in the end!

  • Jayne

    Okay, get the story straight. They wanted to order Rainbow cookies (not cup cakes) for a gay event. The owner declined because he doesn’t support a gay life style and is teaching his daughters by example. Now these poor abused gay boys want to shut down his business after 20 years because he flexed his moral muscles? It’s not like he’s the only bakery in town. They found another bakery with lesser morals. You see, if they shut him down then they are taking away his rights. He didn’t refuse to serve gay people or have them thrown out of his bakery, he just refused to support a gay event. You all are so busy being politically correct that you are ridding the country of go moral people. Maybe We The People have had enough. I think all businesses should have a disclaimer sign at their door saying they have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  • Shari

    I thought this is the US where a private company can choose with whom they want to do business??? Leave the owner alone; gay people want others to show tolerance to them, so how about it in reverse? Get off the discrimination rant, punt on your big girl/boy panties/underwear and get over it!!

  • littleflowerfan

    Bravo to Just Cookies! They have EVERY right to refuse to participate in a gay event if they do not wish to. They have EVERY right to refuse to make rainbow cookies or cupcakes or whatever if they do not wish to. Their business is not essential for anyone’s life or well-being, and there are plenty of other bakeries in the city who can provide what the students wanted. This baker should not be forced, pressured or coerced into selling anything if he believes the cause is morally unjust or opposes his values. This is still America, at least for the time being, and we have this wonderful thing called freedom!

    This is a private business, for Pete’s sake! They did not refuse to serve customers in their store — they declined to fill a special order that was meant to show support for a gay event. They did nothing discriminatory. People are allowed to refuse to support any particular event they do not wish to support. So are businesses.

    This is just another example of the homosexual-rights fanatics making a war where there is no war. Picking a fight and ruining a family’s perfect reasonable name and business for no good reason. They show themselves to be completely irrational and hateful just for the sake of being jerks.

    I applaud this bakery and the owners for taking a public stand to defend their values.

  • Michigan

    Thrilled he denied them service!

    More people need to stand up for a moral America.

    You CHOSE to be gay, we can choose to support it or not.

    Get over it fags

  • ME

    Wow this is America people ! This is his business and he has the right to do or sell or not sell to whatever and who ever he wants ! End of story. Do any of you own any part of this business ?
    If not do not tell this man what he can do with HIS business that’s right HIS ! business. I will say this one more time for you liberals to understand. This is his business not yours. I saw somebody make the comment that if this was a Muslim place there would be nothing said. True and so very sad :( Wake up America !


    Hey Folks IT JUST COOKIES not cupcakes The LIBS are just looking for anyone with different MORALS than their own. Libs GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE live and let live like you claim to be. “NO COOKIES FOR YOU”

  • Victim of circumstance

    I am utterly baffled by the last three comments. so, you’re saying that it is perfectly ok to discriminate simply becasue it is a private business? you say it is perfectly fine? so, where is the line, where it becomes “not fine”? what it someone fefused to serve you because …idk, you were driving a foriegn car? what if someone wouldn’t rent an apartment to you simply because he thought you weren’t goodlooking? what if you were constantly being pulled over because you lived in a nice neighborhood and didn’t look like you belong there? di these things seem OK to you? if they don’t, which they shouldn’t, then you’re a hipocrit! these are ALL examples of discrimination, which is NOT OK! if you were discriminmated against for something out of your control, would you lay down and take it? HELL NO YOU WOULDN’T! you would fight for what is right. the three of you have obviously never been discriminated against, and i hope you don’t. it sucks. just because you are obviously not gay, the abillity to shrug this off and chalk it up to “LIBS are just looking for anyone with different MORALS than their own” comes easy to you. and untill you have experienced discrimination first hand, i don’t expect you to understand. but, then again, someone who thinks i “CHOSE” to be gay, i don’t expect you to “understand” much of anything.

  • Kelly

    Who gives a crap whether they refused to make cupcakes, as a business owner you have the right to refuse service for whatever reason. Get over and go to the local grocery store and get your cupcakes.

  • ME

    Victim of circumstance, Do you know why we will not understand ?
    Because it’s total B.S. you are talking !!!!!!!!! Do not compare a apple to a orange you jackass ! We are sick of you liberals twisting things around to suit your agenda, we are sick of you and your type ! you and people like you are the reason this country is going to hell in a hand basket. You are a victim of having no brains ! Just what are you a victim of ?????? Why you poor poor victim you :( Feel so sorry for you the my heart bleeds purple piss for you :) Freaking VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE B.S. and shut up !

  • vinnyc

    er.. I have a strange feeling that the postings from 35 on are from people who just trolled for freerepublick,You know, the INDIVIDUALISTIC, CONSERVATIVE(read Fundamentalist) jeez people.Well if you are, Thanks for stopping by, now F.O and go smear your hate and bigotry in some of your Fundie sites and stop schtupping your cousins. Douchebags!

  • ME

    Vinnyc Kiss your Mother with that mouth ? I could sit here and use foul words like you and show my lack of intelligence ! But I will not. Just take you crap and talk it some where else. Again your thinking is why this country is in the shape it is in !

  • victim of circumstance

    @ ME. you posed some interesting arguments. i’ll try my darndest to adress them:-)

    #1 “Do you know why we will not understand?”
    -well, i’de say it’s because you’re a backwards right-winged cousin-F***er who wouldn’t unterstand the therory of humanism is it bit him on the ass.

    #2 “Do not compare a apple to a orange you jackass”
    -seems how i am camparing two in the same, and you haven’t provided any reason for me to believe i’m not, i would say that i am comparing apples and…….well,…..apples.

    #3 “We are sick of you liberals twisting things around to suit ur agenda, we are sick of you and your type !”
    -I,my conclusion-jumping friend, am a republican.

    #4 “you and people like you are the reason this country is going to hell in a hand basket.”
    -YOU speak of this invisible place called “hell” and I am suposed to be the irrational one??:/

    #5 “You are a victim of having no brains !”
    – That one was acually pretty good. ya win some, ya lose some.

    #6 “Just what are you a victim of ?????? ”
    -quite simply……..YOU.

    #7 well, i feel that your last couple of “sentences??” speak for themselves.

  • ME

    victim of circumstance You and Vinny go to the same school of learning such nice talk ! What you can not express yourself without swearing, again lack of brain power ! and yes you are a victim of having no brains that has nothing to do with me ! Talk to your parents about that ! lol Do not enter a battle of words when you are such a loser ! And you would never ever talk to me like this in person I can bet on that ! Unless to would like to pick up you teeth with broken arms ! What a jerk you are lol
    It is so easy to talk crap when someone is not in front of you little boy that’s right LITTLE BOY ! with little brains. And remember if I want crap I will squeeze your little brainless head !
    You have crap for brains end of story ! And do not respond with anything that you would not say in front of me, again easy to talk crap when the person is not in front of you punk. And yes a am a MMA fighter that would be more than glad to meet ya ! Again I will say any and all things in front of you but your punk ass would not, so save your words you have no ass or brains to back them up
    LOSER LOSER LOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ME

    I think the saddest thing about this is this is looked at as a Gay issue. Question to you all and are you listening everyone ?
    Do you think this man would have said or done anything different if it was Larry Flint from Hustler Magazine that want Hustler written on the whatever a cookie a cupcake ? And do not go there that the rainbow cupcakes were not symbols ! Hustler cupcakes at Hustler event rainbow cupcakes at Gay event. Both are symbols. Simple

  • vinnyc

    @ME: there there now.. I think you missed out on your Lithium today. What with the bashing and all.
    So is “me” one of the many characters in Jason’s head.?
    Calm down will ya and have a cupcake, this one is not from the just cookies though, you know that bigoted bakery that doesn’t serve Rainbow cupcakes for our brethren.
    and please double your dosage apparently whatever you are taking isn’t enough. Retard!!!
    Nice comparison to hustler. You missed Playboy and Penthouse.
    You must be Butch… weee…..

  • Jimmy


    But, being in the City Market in Indy (where I live) comes with stipulation that the buiness owner agreed to when he sign or renewed his lease. If he didn’t want to live up to that, he could have moved his business to a place that does not have an equal accommodations clause in its lease.

    The City Market is not some strip mall, but an honored, historic and much loved place in downtown Indy.

  • ME

    victim of circumstance and Vinny. I was always told it takes a dummy to debate with a MORON ! If you where only half as smart as you think you are you might be dangerous ! You seem to no a lot about meds must be on plenty of them the way it has effected your brain. lol Leave the cookie man alone and get a life. One last question to you all. When was the last time you feed a homeless person ? when was the last time you gave somebody money who was down ? when was the last time you helped a stranger ? Get your priorities strait and quit worrying GAY COOKIES CRAP ! You all disgust me ! With people going hungry you are upset about some body not getting there rainbow cookies ? ? ? WOW that is so disturbing ! People help the poor help the hungry help the needy this is what we are called to do. STOP WITH THIS GAY COOKIE CRAP ! and do something worth while !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Funny, I thought impressionable young daughters should be in school/preschool/day-care, no?

    I haven’t lived in Indiana almost 40 years, and then we had a Democratic governor, both US senators were democrats, and the democrats held the advantage among congressmen. But surely even since turning fire-engine red, Indiana does not allow young impressionable daughters to work even in family owned businesses — even in red states there are child labor laws.

    So basically, these are lying liars who are teaching their young impressionable daughters that their family morals include lying.

  • DLB

    Just letting you know the goverment has taken God out of schools and now they want to take our religious freedoms away from business I have a father who has the purple heart and a grandson in the Marines they fought and are fighting for our freedom. Wether to have freedom of religion and the freedom of allowing God to be first in our lives. I work for a Christian based company and if we chose not to cater to some one or some group Will goverment step in and cost me my job when is it going to stop. The goverment is taking away are God given freedom. I’m so proud the owners of Just Cookies taking a heart felt stand. If more people did. My grandchildren may learn the pledge of aliegence in school again. If the gay want to make that choice it is between God and them. But do not put down the people who built this country from the Ground Up the christians. I hope to see a new Mayor in office soon one who has an open mind and one who believes in God.

  • Soupy

    God does not belong in schools. It’s a parent’s choice to raise their child religiously, not a publicly funded school. And if you are truly for religious freedom, then you better not have a problem with a mosque in your neighbourhood.

  • DLB

    Well when we said the pledge of aligance in school one nation under God indivisable with liberty and justice for all. So I feel if a child wants to pray or say the pledge they should be allowed just as those who don’t should be able to leave at that time. I agree religion should be kept out of school not God. And by the way my money funds the schools. I was blessed all my children knew the pledge said prayer before they ate and they even new the words to the National Anthem. And my children were taught about God at home as well. Instead of having conflicting
    morals they had them at school as well as home. To be honest I don’t have a mosque in my neighborhood. But I have had Muslin neighbors we got along. I did not push my faith and they didn’t push there faith. The Just Cookies owners have their belief Do they put crosses on all there cookies and try to sell them to gay people. If they would it would be just as wrong if they did that. But ultimatly the Chose should be up to them not the major

  • vinnyc

    @ME: I am a trained Psychologist working in a Recruitment firm helping in keeping their employees. I have also been involved in selectively laying off enough in 2009 and i have since seen the judgment in corporates regarding to single men/women to married str8’s. Like just bcos we are gays we are obviously the most disposable kind. So don’t go around effing me about the apologists BS about people hungry and how we need to lay off. I will deflect every stone that is thrown at me,no matter the the size. This Shitass baker literally denigrated all of us in the vilest way when he refused to do the most christian thing to do. Just effing give the cupcakes!!!

    On the other hand, if all your SCREAMING is any indication of your capability, maybe you could come over and administer a good B.J.

  • ME

    I am a trained Psychologist. That explains it all only somebody that is educated in your field could make such stupid remarks !
    I love how you and the other empty heads still duck the question.
    When was the last time you feed someone hungry, gave a stranger money to eat did something for somebody who was not like you ????
    ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS ! YOU WILL NOT ANSWER BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT AND SCREW EVERYBODY ELSE’S RIGHTS. YOU ARE SELF CENTER NARCISSISTIC AND ALL ABOUT ME ME ME.It is sicking if you would spend half the time helping others instead of worrying about you rights as you trample on others peoples rights and lively hood. It’s all about you and your agenda and your the one that has the attitude if you don’t agree with you your a asshole or worse language that your filthy mouth spills out. Go back to school and learn something else, not even trained Psychologist is as stupid as you. What a waist of money and time to get that degree because it made you no smarted. Still as dumb as a bag of rocks !!!!!
    It would be easy to call you all kinds of swear words that you like to use, was that part of you training and education ?
    Yes your a bright one lol

  • ME

    Vinny I would like to know who is all of us ? “Quote” This Shitass baker literally denigrated all of us. Again who is all of us are you referring to a group of people and who are they ???????

  • James

    Oh no.

    I’m a small business as a one-guy web developer.

    But I don’t know how to make gay cupcakes!

    If somebody tries to order gay cupcakes from me, am I in trouble? Where can I find a cheap oven and cupcake tins?

  • SteveDenver

    @S: Two businesses — a restaurant and a bar — went out of business a few months after the Democratic National Convention was held in Denver. Their right-wing owners proudly supported right wing candidates, and ZERO business for 3 weeks followed by diminished business after the DNC resulted in their doors shutting.

  • Can Take Eight

    This bakery owner is gonna have daughters with ugly clothes and bad hair if he tries to shield them from all things gay.

  • A Cunning Stunt


    To prove that “Just Cookies” violated the equal accommodation clause, the students from the Indianapolis college group would have to prove that they were denied service BECAUSE the students were gay, not because “Just Cookies” declined to make the rainbow cupcakes for the Coming Out Day campus event.

    You mean, like saying “we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that”?

  • Jeff

    Vinny wants frosting from a B.J. and his rights. The baker wants to not have to make cupcakes at the cookie shop so that his business that he put all of his investment in and paid his rent and he wants his rights. If there is an overwelming demand for gay cupcakes, why doesn’t some gay student sieze the opportunity to borrow the funds from the mayor and radio station and start making more money than the cost of tuition at their new location at the City Market next to Just Cookies. Just Cookies would still be fine selling cookies and the cupcake place would do fine selling cupcakes. Why are non-gays always supposed to roll over and take it in the butt no matter what they personally believe. Why don’t gays have to roll over and find themselves back in the closet, or better yet – back before their Creator repenting of their Sodomite ways that He rejected with the destruction of Sodom. Just because you don’t believe the truth, doesn’t mean it’s not truth – just you don’t agree.

  • mark

    The reason they didn’t provide the cupcakes wasn’t because the person ordering them was gay. They declined the order because of the event that they were intended for. I would do the same thing if I was asked to provide my services toward an event that I was against, even though I would have no problem serving the people that attended the event if they came into my shop. Do you really think that the turn openly gay people or gay couples away when they come into the shop? No, they just did not agree with the message be promoted and did not want to support it. This is one of the biggest non stories of the year. Thank you media for once again showing that you can make a mountain out of a grain of sand.

  • john

    If you want gay cookies fagalas, I’m sure one or more of your girly men or manly girls will bake them for ya.

  • jim

    i personally do not support homosexuals or lesbians. if a business does not want to support gays then thats our option. come on america.gayness is not the norm as non gay people.just like you gays want acceptence in the world then have the same respect as to have the acceptence that there are human beings that dont support you…i am one of the many.

  • Victim of circumstance


    MMA fighter, huh? well, as long as we are throwing BS around, i am to! and, yes, i would have no problem saying anything to your face. and, you are the one who started with the profanity. i am generaly a calm person. i’m sorry that having to listen to your stupid shit makes me a bit upset. as for the “broken arms picking up teeth”part, [email protected] email me and i’m sure we can work something of that nature out. unless your afraid of being called out and getting your ass kicked by a faggot.

  • AL


    I always laugh when christians refer to a far-fetched collection of 5000 year-old fairy tales as “truth” while dismissing the objective opinions of rational people who require actual evidence before believing something…

  • Country Girl

    You missed the point. The place makes JUST COOKIES, they do not make cupcakes for anyone, DUH!!!

  • Iam Hung

    Prove that service available to everyone else walking through the door were denighed. Wasn’t what was requested a “special” order, something other than the normal “day to day” business? If so, then I believe the business owner can refuse the order and does not have to give a reason. That’s where he went wrong. He should have just said “Thanks, but no thanks!” Afterward, he could of revealed the reason to his daughters.
    He did not refuse anyone the purchase of anything available to purchase at the time they were in his shop.

  • Jeff

    @AL: I feel sad when people tell people like myself with master & PhD’s degrees that teach in the public schools that we missed objective rational evidence somewhere in our studies in nationally accredited schools so that we can hold on to “The Three Bears” at bedtime. Written histories, carvings in palace walls, and other archaeological findings (including the destuction of Sodom) in countries that were the enemy of fairy tale people are original records. Darwin originally said he had a theory of evoulution. If it is true, gay life style will not last past one generation because there will be no kids. But, swamp slime to chimp to a man for a man can happen quick enough in San Fran and Indy – like cookies out of a hot oven at the market.

  • Soupy

    Oh my god! That’s Christine O’Donnell above me!

  • Cassandra

    “I feel sad when people tell people like myself with master & PhD’s degrees”

    When someone’s first statement is “I’m so smart”, something is wrong.

    “that teach in the public schools that we missed objective rational evidence somewhere in our studies in nationally accredited schools”

    This needs to be evaluated in light of a later sentence:

    “If it is true, gay life style will not last past one generation because there will be no kids. But, swamp slime to chimp to a man for a man can happen quick enough”

    The objective, rational evidence is that homosexuality occurs in thousands of species of life on this planet, while orders of magnitude more are asexaul, and others are hermaphrodites. The objective, rational evidence is that the survival of the human species is not dependent on every human reproducing.

    The objective, rational evidence is that there is no such thing as the ‘gay lifestyle’. Objective, rational evidence indicates that homosexual humans have been around for at least as long as humans have been leaving written records.

    I personally doubt the “people like myself with master & PhD’s degrees” in light of so much false, basic, information.

    “Written histories, carvings in palace walls, and other archaeological findings (including the destuction of Sodom)”

    Interesting evidence that one’s education was faulty, given that the Bible makes it clear, in Ezekiel’s writings, that the destruction of Sodom was about economic injustices and inhumanity, rather than homosexuality.

    Why anyone would imagine that they could fool folks on the internet by posting false information after claiming to be highly educated, is beyond me, but I suppose that a D student with a questionable high school diploma might try such a thing.

    But anyone who’d even completed the general ed course work for an accredited university would know better.

  • corey

    It is my belief you are not born gay. Did you know that when you were born you’d be become a lawyer, doctor, or a teacher? Probably not. Life is made of choices, you choose to be who you are and what you are about. There are mental disabilities that keep people from fully understanding the choices of life, so they are chosen for them. Maybe those who claim to be gay have a mental disability that does not let them make sound decisions when it comes to a “natural” sexual attraction. I believe these are influenced by your surroundings. Most gays I have spoke with have had some sort of event that coincides with their openess of being gay Insecurity, rape, low self-esteem, broken home, abuse- mental or physical, again surrounding-based on others influence. I believe that the majority of this is based on rejection of the opposite sex, either brought on by themself or have had experiences with rejection. “We” and every animal on this planet are naturally wired to reproduce, it is instinct. Even the earliest known humans knew how to reproduce with the opposite sex. If it weren’t for them and their sex we would not be debating over why this Company refused to make some cupcakes. Look at all these animals that travel 1000’s of miles a year just to reproduce, it is instinct and it is wired in the DNA to make this happen. Without they no longer exsist. And the Religious part of this. Bible this and Bible that…. God created us to reproduce. Who cares about the whole Bible telling us this is wrong. From what I believe, we are all saved by Grace. I do not support Gays in anyway. I believe they should not be able to adopt children, before I say this I know not all but I believe these childrens minds are perverted into thinking that being Gay is a “normal” thing. And honestly it is not. But back to Grace, I believe that we are all saved by Grace, God apparently knew this World wouldn’t of lasted if it wasn’t for that. But there is no way a homosexual can tell me they are a Christian and be gay at the same time. To be a Christian is to live a certain way. And I do not believe gay is part of the Christian way of life. Christianity is a religion, maybe you believe in Christianity, but not in the same way you say you are Christian. Being a Christian is to be living based on the example of Jesus, I do not believe he was gay. Maybe the Catholic Church will feed lies to you, you know how they are. So to be gay. I would recommend you forget about everything this World has to teach, become an atheist, and live your life gay, because eventually you will all become extinct. I do not put this on here to bash any one person or persons. These are my beliefs, I know they are not shared by all and I respect everyone’s point of view. I do have gay siblings that I love and they respect my beliefs, just as I respect theirs. I do not think God hates gays or anything else. I believe that we are all created in his image, but just as Eve disobeyed God in the beginning we still struggle to obey God with what we have created in this World.

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