Indiana’s Antigay Governor Gets in Trouble Over Marriage Memo

mike penceIndiana Governor Mike Pence just got yelled at by a federal judge, and gee whiz it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

You might remember this creep from his attempt to force military gays to stay in the closet; or his bill to imprison (yes, really) any gay and lesbian couple that tries to get married; or his failed campaign to add marriage discrimination into the state constitution. In other words, he’s simply an awful, terrible, loathsome, miserable, rotten man.

Well, guess, what: can add “lying” to that list of adjectives. Earlier this year, Pence tried to get himself removed from a lawsuit over marriage, claiming that the Governor’s office doesn’t really do marriage stuff. A judge believed him, and removed Pence from the case. But then the Governor turned around and started issuing memos to state officials, ordering them to stop gay and lesbian couples from marrying.

The judge did not care for that one bit, and in a new ruling he’s called Pence’s claims a “bold misrepresentation” and “troubling.”

It’s always nice to see a jerk get caught by authority. But this timing is particularly pleasant, since it will likely throw the Governor’s office into a panic with just a few days before a major court case that he probably didn’t want to have anything to do with.

On August 26 (as in, this Tuesday), the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals will hear argument in a couple of Indiana cases (and also Wisconsin). Pence was no doubt looking forward to sitting back and avoiding the oral argument. But now, he’s been yanked back in.

It’s unclear whether Pence will be required to send lawyers to court on Tuesday. It doesn’t appear as though he’s a defendant anymore, but Judge Richard L. Young’s ruling seems to indicate that he’ll consider adding Pence back on to the case. Any any event, it’s certainly not the situation the governor wanted. What a shame.