Indiana’s Constitutional Gay Marriage Ban Looks Better Than Ever In 2011

Republican State lawmakers in Indiana, home to football players dancing to “Single Ladies” and the anti-gay Just cookies bakery, are making a go to ban same-sex marriage via constitutional amendment. While state law already prohibits recognition of gay unions, GOP members in the House today pushed a bill through committee and to the full floor. The State Senate, which is also controlled by Republicans, may also pass the bill. And sitting in the governor’s mansion? Republican Mitch Daniels, who’s name is sometimes floated as a 2012 presidential possibility, though he’s denied any intention. Of course Indiana lawmakers tried this in 2009 and 2010. Oh, and every year since 2004. But Republicans now hold the keys to both the legislative and executive branches, and while Gov. Daniels has been “rumored” to disapprove of the amendment, he’s also been rumored to support it, at least as a political maneuver.