Indiana’s Democrats Playing Anti-Gay Games

We’re gagging!

Indiana’s Democratic party has been taking a page from the right. While most of this electoral season’s anti-gay rhetoric has come from the Republicans, the Hoosier State’s Democrats decided to get nasty with a mailer sent out for state Representative Andy Schemenaur.

The flier, which reads “”Faith & Family: A Hoosier Way of Life,” touts Schemnaur’s commitment to defending to so-called “sanctity of marriage.” You know what that means: no nuptials for same-sex lovers. What a disgrace.

[via Bilerico]

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  • andy_d

    And it’s this lack of support that spurs me to return the requests for funds from the DNC with the statement “Why should I support a party that does not support my rights?”

  • Darth Paul

    WORD, Andy_D. Queers love to cheer democrats simply because they’re not the overt fascists that Repubs are, and ignore the fact that plenty of Dems are utter bigots. It’s a matter of the lesser evil, I understand that, but pretending that a problem doesn’t exist on your own turf is very dangerous.

  • Vinman

    I am from Indiana and all I can say is a very depressed – – – F U C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    As a resident of Indiana, this is not at all surprising. Outside of the cities, Indy, Bloomington, and to some extent Fort Wayne, to be a Democrat in Indiana is to be a Republican in Democrat clothing — to be a Republican is to be a crazy person like Dan Burton.

    At the end of the day, you’re never going to find a party that supports your beliefs 100%. I’d much rather support a socially conservative Democrat than a wack job Republican.

    Or I could vote for a third party and bite my nose off to spite my face.

  • CharlesP

    This is the kind of lip service that has to be payed in Indiana. I grew up there. Republicans and Democrats alike do not support gay marriage in Indiana. Sad but true.

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