India’s Gay Prince Walks Into a Gay Movie Screening

Some Indian theaters may have refused to offer gay Bollywood flick Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun to moviegoers over the weekend, but the film received a royal stamp of approval: Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, the only openly gay member of of an Indian royal family (and now a publisher and homo retirement home operator) will be hitting up a special screening of the film in Mumbai. Complete with drag queens.

Despite the fact that the film has not done well at the box office, Kapil Sharma who plays a gay character in the film denies that it is a publicity stunt to garner some attention. He points out, “The film-maker or the cast has nothing to do with this event. It has entirely been organised by the few gay communities in the city and they have asked us to attend as special guests.”

On how the organisers managed to rope in Gohil to be a part of all the fanfare, Kapil says, “Some of the representatives from his trust watched our film and they really liked it. The prince does not stay in Mumbai. It is good of him agreeing to come all the way to attend a single screening.”

The event will also witness a masquerade with drag queens bringing out their most colourful costumes and giant wigs for a more festive get-up. After a series of death threats and barricades before their house, the cast of Dunno Y… are looking forward to some unadulterated fun. Kapil says, “It will be a good break from being threatened by certain people. It is our time to chill now.”

Hmmmm. Maybe this is the best way to celebrate the January opening of The Dilemma?

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