India’s Health Minister: Homosexuality Is A Disease Like HIV

India’s Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad recently used an HIV-prevention conference to say that homosexuality is a Western-imported disease that’s spreading rapidly in India. Oh great. This should do wonders for the country’s gay population. So how is Azad making up for his comment? By denying he said it.

After having his offensive statement thoroughly replayed on Indian televisions everywhere, Azad said that the media had misquoted him and that he actually called HIV a disease. Nevertheless, the clip of his speech clearly uses the Hindi term for “men who have sex with other men” calling it “unnatural.”

India decriminalized their British colonial law against sodomy in 2009, but Azad’s words will make it that much harder to be gay in India. And if quacks start showing up saying that they can “cure” the gay, the country will undoubtedly have a rise of mental illness cases on their hands as well.

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