WATCH: Andrew Christian Celebrates Halloween With Seven Hot And Deadly Sins

To celebrate Halloween, underwear designer Andrew Christian has released a series of steamy videos where undie models commit each of the seven deadly sins. We already commented on the video for lust, but today we’ve rounded up all seven videos for your sinful viewing enjoyment—that way you get to enjoy both tricks and treats!


Click through for the Seven Deadly Sins as imagined by Andrew Christian

SIN #1: WRATH – How dare she cheat on her baseball-bat wielding psycho of a boyfriend!

SIN #2: GLUTTONY – The real sin is that he can eat that much and still have that body. Oh and by the way, nice banana-eating, fella.

SIN #3: VANITY – This dude pulls a James Franco by making out with himself in the mirror. You know he’s gotta be the king of self-pics.

SIN #4: LUST – The real sin is that she thinks any guy flirting in an underwear store could be straight.

SIN #5: GREED – Have you ever wanted to see a bunch of ghosts dry hump? Wish granted.

SIN #6: SLOTH – Uh oh, girl has been drinking and smoking in bed all day. Someone give her some Wellbutrin (and our phone number).

SIN #7: ENVY – Not everyone who gets attacked by a vampire regrets it. Some love it.