Inflated AFA Calls Off Ford Boycott

Does the American Family Association have an overinflated ego? It sounds that way.

The right wing non-profit called off its long-standing boycott against Ford Motors after striking what AFA leader Don Wildmon called “an agreement”. The AFA toots its own horn, saying that Ford agreed to stop buying ads in gay rags, donating to pro-gay causes and the like. Ford, however, has a slightly different take.

From Ford Product Communications’ Jim Cain”

The AFA has made its decision and is ready to move on. Our principles have not changed. We are committed to treating everyone fairly and with respect, including our dealers, customers and employees. Ford will continue to market its products widely to attract as many customers as possible and make charitable contributions to strengthen communities to the extent business conditions allow. Difficult business conditions in recent years have reduced our overall spending across the board.

Well, whatever, let the AFA think they done good so we don’t have to think about Wildmon. He gives us the heebie jeebies.