Influential Black Minister In WA Won’t Cede Religious Arguments To Gay-Marriage Foes

The Biblical perspective says that, out of all the commandments, the two that all the laws come from are: Love the Lord with all your heart, your mind, your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus never talked about gays and lesbians, unless you’re putting words in his mouth… I’m tired of folks boxing God. They make God small. [They say,] ‘This is what I think God would say. This is what I think God would do.’?”

Here’s where the rub is: Who is my neighbor? When it boils down, the Scripture just says love your neighbor as yourself. That’s huge!”

New Hope Baptist Church pastor Percy “Happy” Watkins, 70, one of the most prominent clergymen in Spokane, WA, explaining in the Spokesman-Review why he’s supporting Referendum 74, which confirms the marriage-equality bill passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Christine Gregoire in February. In the same article, reporter Shawn Vestal wrote  that “full civil rights for gay people are inevitable, regardless of what we choose collectively to do on R-74. The genie is out of the closet; the powerful social engine of acquaintance will keep it out.'”