Evangelical Lou Engle Wants To Pray Away The AIDS With 100,000 Gay Prayers

It’s always a little hard to follow the thought process of spittle-flecked theocrat Lou Engle.

One moment he’s babbling about “homosexual tornadoes,” or praising Ugandan politicians for trying to exterminate LGBTs, the next minute he’s descended into an apparent fever-dream starring the ghosts of dead Confederate generals. But Engle is probably best known for The Call, twelve-hour mega-prayer rallies that fill stadiums and focus on whatever topic Engle is blathering about that week.

If he wasn’t rich and powerful, he’d probably spend most of his time yelling about government mind-control devices to strangers on the subway.

But—surprise, surprise, Engle has become a powerful charismatic Christian leader, capable of drawing huge swarms of oscillating youths to these “Calls,” And, apparently, he’s something of a faith healer if the above video from Right Wing Watch is any indication. Here’s the best transcript we were about to slap together:

I just wanna say, I wanna see an accumulated prayer movement for a hundred thousand—first wave, Bob Jones, the president, first wave, he had a vision in 1989 of the first wave of homosexuals coming to Christ.

A hundred thousand [homosexuals] would be just the first wave, and it would come suddenly. I dreamed of this before. I feel like I’m raising this… Men and women begin to pray that God would raise them so like conversions in that community. So powerful, that they begin to be the preachers of righteousness in their own communities with radical salvations and healings of AIDS…

We’re asking God to loose a movement, a divine breakthrough: 100,000 gay and lesbian men and women. Loose a sound that DC can’t contend with. Loose a sound that the media can’t contend with. Overflow the media with the sound of revival.”

We look forward to those healings, at least. Should be happening any minute now.