“Innocence of Muslims” Actress Suing Filmmaker, YouTube and Google

Fearing for her safety and her reputation, actress Cindy Lee Garcia has filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Innocence of Muslims filmmaker Sam Bacile (née Nakoula Basseley Nakoula), YouTube and Google.

E!  News reports that Garcia is suing over invasion of privacy, fraud, slander and intentional infliction of emotional stress, as she’s received death threats since appearing in the controversial film linked to violence in several Arab nations. Garcia is also seeking an injunction to scrub the Internet clean of the video for good.

Like gay porn star Tim Dax, Garcia claims she was initially hired to work on an  historical “Arabian Desert adventure film” entitled Desert Warrior and that Muhammad’s name was never mentioned during filming or on set. Her appearance in the film, Garcia alleges, makes it seem as if she “voluntarily performed in a hateful anti-Islamic production.”

Garcia’s attorney M. Cris Armenta told E! News that “when she made inquires directly to Bacile [Nakoula] he told her it was about ancient Egypt,” adding, “She would not have consented to the use of her performance in that fashion.”

L.A.’s Superior Court is expected to rule on the injunction this morning at 8:30.

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  • Dumdum

    This stuff is crazy these people burn our flag,kill people, make death threats towards our citizens all because of some cheesy lame ass video on YouTube?Do they all have iPhones and laptops??? WTF.Do they just sit around surfing the web looking for inflammatory content bashing their religion??? I don’t think so.These people are poor pissed off and bored as can be.They live in the effing desert!Screw their oil and screw them!Pull out all our troops all our people and let them kill each other.Heck if I lived in the desert and did not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of and someone promised me seven virgins and paradise and I was stupid enough to believe it .I would strap a bomb to my butt! It is the same tired old story.Give people someone to hate so they don’t look at what’s really going on.Bash America,bash Obama,bash the Gays,bash the liberals,bash the republicans,bash the Mexicans,bash the Asians,bash the poor, bash the elderly,bash the disabled,bash everyone sucking on the withered teat of mother earth!!! Grow the F#%k up people.There has been NOTHING but war and bloodshed in that region for THOUSANDS of years. I say pull out and let them have their oil and blood soaked sand box.

  • Captain proton


    1. this sums up the situation rather well:

    2. A lot of the bloodshed in the area was done by Christians – you may have heard of the crusades?

    anyway Islam has only been around since the 7th century so at most you’re talking about 1300 years of bloodshed rather than THOUSANDS as you put it.

  • Dumdum

    Well I take into account the Persian empire pre-Iranian and Islamic.War conquest and slavery has dominated the area since around 550 BCE with the Greco-Persian wars around 330 BCE.Lots of fighting between the various tribes.A fairly accurate account of this given in the old testament.But yes Christians have been at the for-front of the conflict since the crusades.So sue me for exaggerating. And Christ was Gay and Muhammad was a pederast.And I hope Israel nukes the bastards.I am also really bummed out that the Romans failed to feed every last Christian to the lions.Mitt Romney is the Anti-Christ.As a student of Anthropology I can safely say that Religion is the bane of all humanity.And there are just to many darn people on this planet and we are all doomed!!!

  • Fahima


    I agree about religion being generally a bad thing, but disagree with the hateful combination of race and communalism and ethnocentricity you have going on here. Here’s an explanation (NOT a justification) – a less hateful one – why the arabs get so excited about lame videos.

    Also, I admire how christians can stomach anything about christ in good humour. But please forgive me for not not being so cool. I was raised in a culture where elders are revered, it has a permanant effect on me. If you are an anthro student, you should have the good judgement of not calling all the people who married young people pederasts. My grandmother was 7 when she was married to my grandfather whowas about 30. it was common in their time at their society (interestingly enough, it wasn’t as common in the not-so-far area where my other grandmother was married), they weren’t all pederasts.
    Next time, stop to consider that was an asian society freaking 1700 years ago.

  • Obat Herbal

    Only hatred will reap hatred anyway. Communities are now smart with berbagia info there. Not be easily ignited anger. News sometimes stretch the truth, because the news is still news. Simply related to turnover and rating.

  • Obat Herbal

    Only hatred will reap hatred anyway. Communities are now smart with the info there. Not be easily ignited anger. News sometimes stretch the truth, because the news is still news. Simply related to turnover and rating.

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