Renaissance man

Insanely handsome trans model Laith Ashley is also an insanely talented singer

Post workout/shower #shamelessselefie taken with photobooth, so not the best quality image ? #goodnightIG #bodyparty #calvinklein #babyblues

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We’ve written about transgender model Laith Ashley several times before, but there’s a lot we’re still learning about him.

According to his Instagram profile, he’s all about, “trying to become the best and the truest version of myself,” and “sharing light and positivity with all my kings and queens.”

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Worthy goals if you ask us.

And by the looks of it, he’s doing a bang-up job. When he isn’t posing for the camera, Laith works at New York’s Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. And he also happens to be an incredible singer.

#tb to a very fun shoot with @_williambaker. #bodyparty #fit #fitness

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He recently uploaded a new song “Before You Go” to his Soundcloud account, so you can hear exactly what we mean. And you might want to peruse his regularly updated Instagram, too.

Listen here:

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  • ChrisK

    Very handsome but since Laith is selling sex I wonder how much missing a certain male body part will play into it.

    • Juanjo

      have you looked at any photos of him? He seems to be packing something in several of them.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      so it appears you and guillermo are experts on sexual reassignment. i’d be interested in seeing your medical credentials which i’ll assume are in the same place as your heads…up your asses.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      and where do you get this bit about him ‘selling sex’? you’re making him sound like a prostitute. would you be saying the same thing about any other male or female underwear/swimsuit model or is he special because he’s trans?

    • Xzamilloh

      Take the persecution rant down a notch, Paul Dorian… Laith is clearly selling a fantasy, much like every other Instagram model. He doesn’t get a pass because he’s trans, or do you think he should be held to a lower standard than other men showing it all for that e-validation? Also, let’s just stop with the elephant in the room… Laith obviously does not have a penis, unless it is some kind of implant that even still would not function like an actual penis. Denying reality does trans people a disservice, you know.

  • Juanjo

    You should not speak of yourself so negatively. Even if you are a negative nancy

  • JED08

    That short sentence that you wrote reveals a great deal about you, and none of it is good.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I wish the best me was even a fraction of the best Laith. I am in awe of him.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    You seem confused Juanjo. I’m not a delusion that hacks at my own body because I can’t accept reality and like myself the way I am.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    JEO08 your short sentence proves you are part of the rape culture trans and minorities have formed to badger gay males into finding them attractive when we don’t.

  • Barlow

    Tolerance is understanding that not everyone thinks and feels the same things as yourself. Attacking people who are trans is too easy, and very passe, and you should keep your thoughts about them to yourself.

  • Guillermo

    That is uncalled for! and yes, a lot of people find him sexually attractive! Something I doubt from people like you!

  • mhoffman953

    Funny that news organizations and blogs only ever show trans people who look just like the opposite sex. They cherry pick these people.

    Meanwhile the vast majority are frightening looking

    • ChrisK

      Queerty will only feature young and attractive people no matter what their sex thing is.

    • dwes09

      Most f-t-m trans people look convincingly like men. Obviously people who work as models, and bloggers who feature their bodies look like gym-built men. This isn’t rocket science, but it is obviously too complex for the right wing!

    • mhoffman953


      Strategic word choice there, santa claus. You made sure to say “f-t-m” because you know and I know that the “m-t-f” look like deranged people for the most part.

      The women who become men mostly looked butch to start with and we’re not talking cherry picked individuals who stray from the pack

  • dwes09

    There is a suspicious tonal quality to his vocals that points to the liberal use of autotune software, especially where he uses melisma. Very common these days but it means that he is not “insanely talented”, simply decent.
    As for his body, that is pretty awesome.

    • dwes09

      Though if he has retained his original plumbing, he would not be sexually attractive to me at all. Though I have friends who go for that in a big way.

    • Danny595

      What are you droning on about, grandpa? You have no friends, trans or otherwise.

      Further, you are dead wrong when you claim that most “FTMs” pass. They surely do not. They are clownish, waddling around with their wide hips and talking in a distinctive froggy voice which is the result of their artificial testosterone. The only reason why the dozen or so “FTM celebrities” get promoted relentlessly by websites like this one is b/c transgender ideology demands that the passing ones get publicity in order to persuade the public that transgenders really are the opposite sex.

      Maybe if you cared more about doing something positive for LGB people and less time pandering to transgenders, you might actually have some friends.

  • Danny595

    That’s an unattractive woman. With mental issues. Pretending to be a man.

    • ChrisK

      At least you’re finally honest about yourself.

    • money718


  • Kangol

    Beautiful and talented, do it, Laith!

  • DarkZephyr

    THIS man is FINE. I would date him in a NY minute and I don’t care that he doesn’t have a penis. He is HOT and talented. <3 But he likes girls. Sigh.

    • money718

      Not a man.

    • Danny595

      So you are attracted to a female just because the female has certain masculine attributes and calls herself a man. What would happen if you were dating her and then, 6 months into the relationship, she tells you that she no longer identifies as a man. She thought she was a man, but now she realizes that she isn’t. She won’t change anything about herself and she will still look just as masculine. Would you continue to see her as hot and would you continue to date her?

  • Jack Meoff

    That track was all over the shop. Auto-tuned voices and a dodgy soundtrack made it hard to hear what he actually sounds like at all. It seemed like it was all designed to disguise his actual voice.

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