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Inside Perry‘s San Francisco Courthouse, the Gays Are Finally the Majority

In case you’re one of the millions of Americans, and Earthlings, who cannot be in the San Francisco courtroom to attend the Perry trial, know this: the whole place is saturated with gay marriage supporters, while opponents are either terribly few, keeping a low profile, or simply invisible. Notes Newsweek‘s Eve Conant: “Carla Hass, communications director for ProtectMarriage.com says even the defense’s legal team is outnumbered. ‘Look at their table and their overflow chairs,’ she says, indicated the long table where the Ted Olson and David Boies team is seated. ‘We’ve got probably a dozen attorneys working on this, they’ve got at least 40.’ (The difference is even more distinct in the second-floor cafeteria at lunchtime, which is filled with gay-marriage supporters and lawyers trying to grab a bite between sessions, with few defense lawyers, or gay-marriage opponents in sight).”

Then again, it’s not like these people are wearing their stickers.