Inside The Dangerous Intersection Of Drugs, Sex And Partying In London’s Gay Scene

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.49.58 AMAccording to a new documentary chronicling the dark underbelly of London’s gay scene, you can’t avoid propositions for chemsex in the city.

Or at least on Grindr, that is.

“Within four conversations [on Grindr] you’re going to be introduced to chems. Within eight you’re going to be introduced to injecting or slamming,” says an interviewee in the trailer.

The Vice Media-produced film, aptly titled Chemsex, follows the lives of men who have fallen in deep to the troubling drug culture. It’s a story of addiction, self-destruction, shame and, of course, lots of sex.

Doesn’t anybody go on coffee dates anymore?

Watch the disturbing trailer below:

“Vice has always endeavoured to explore underreported and complex issues that involve incredible characters and human stories. After first reported in 2013 on the unprecedented rise in intravenous drug use in London’s gay party scene, we felt that story needed to be explored further,” said Al Brown, Head of Video at Vice.

The film will be released in U.K. theatrical on December 4.

h/t: Attitude

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  • Brian

    The London gay scene is a disgrace. It has degenerated into a permissive free-for-all based on fetishes and the “feel good” factor. Drug use is rife. One wonders why the London police haven’t raided the premises and shut them down.

    When something becomes a culture of drugs and promiscuous sex, it is no longer viable as a symbol of progress. If fact, it’s become a symbol of the opposite.

  • MarionPaige

    there already is an “examination” of the sex and drug element of gay in London by one of the UK TV Channels, it was even titled Chemsex.

  • Ted LeBlond

    Ohhh what’s a little partying among boys lol

  • Stache99

    Nothing new to us here in the states.

  • alphacentauri

    It’s nothing new in the UK either they’ve been doing this for decades there and not just LGBT people.

  • surreal33

    Hello!!! It is 2015 can the gay community get over the killer drugs and reckless sex? It so 1980 and Studio 54ish.

  • broadshoulder

    We were doing this in the eighties. Stop trying to promote London as dangerous – its far safer then New York

  • seaguy

    This is nothing new and of course Vice tends to sensationalize things a bit.

  • Cam

    So they did a film about people on a hookup app who like drugs.

    That isn’t “London’s Gay Scene”. That us London’s drug scene.

    So two articles in a few days painting all gays as meth heads, articles attacking Democrats, hmmmm is Log Cabin writing the articles on here now?

  • Stevenw

    Sounds like a moral panic to me:

    Sounds like they’ve focused on a sub-culture of a sub-culture, and tarted up the facts for extra fear/drama. Hell, I’ve modelled for Recon; had some weird requests, but never chemsex or injecting! Just where are they getting their interviewees from, I wonder?

  • SeeingAll

    @broadshoulder: NYC didn’t have riots as bad as London that summer.

  • Cam


    Riots? If they were so major why no link to a story?

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: Ugh…you’re ignorant.

  • Cam


    So again, you can take the time to post something but no link to back up your statement.

    Shouldn’t be a problem if it was real.

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: That’s like my posting a link to the Hindenburg explosion. Is it necessary ?

  • Cam


    You seem to be going to great lengths to avoid doing it.

  • Fern8783

    how is this different than any other gay urban area in the world? It’s the same in major cities.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    When you throw the doors open to Africa and the Middle East you can expect the STD rate to go up. Funny they don’t add fact in.

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: fool

  • drivendervish

    Alcohol and drug use has always been high in the gay community because it lowers inhibitions and allows people to engage in behavior that society says is wrong, evil, abominable, etc. Adult gay men who are emotionally mature don’t need to lower their inhibitions but the habit may have started when they were 16 or 17 and far less secure and old habits are hard to break. I would like to think the advances in acceptance and rights would alleviate the problem but we have to realize that they have come from laws that provide equal protection and the advances we have made are primarily on an intellectual rather than an emotional level. Intelligent people who are homophobic realize there are no legal grounds for denying us the same rights as everybody else. It is really only the truly ignorant that believe otherwise. But parents who accept gay people on an intellectual level can still have great difficulty in accepting their own kids are gay. My point is that life for young gay kids trying to come to grips with being different is still a very difficult, painful process for most. It is important to note that engaging in this drug/sex culture can be extremely fun and exciting for a while but eventually it gets too painful and the guys realize they want to have longer relationships and become productive adults.

  • Cam


    So you have just admitted you can’t put up a link.

    And look how angry you get when somebody called you out on it. Oh Ouch!

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: Not angry. I’m laughing at how dumb you’re sounding. If I mentioned that there’s a city in Illinois called Chicago you’d shriek, “Prove it! You can’t provide a link !! You’re lying..!” Thou art a silly little thing.

  • Cam


    And again, a huge number of posts, all to avoid the very simple request to put up a link verifying your claim.

    You have now put up 4 different posts changing the subject or lashing out all to avoid the simple request that you put up a link to verify your statement.

    You can’t do that. That right there says it all, end of story.

    Oh, and Seeing All (BJ) You make it so easy to tell when you’ve been caught in a lie, because that’s when you start with the name calling. So thanks for being you.

  • SeeingAll

    @Cam: Okay…I guess I’m lying. There haven’t been any London riots.

  • Poncho Sanchez

    I think gay men are particularly susceptible to drug use because the neuro developmental correlates of homosexuality would suggest that we’re exposed to excessive prenatal hormones (in combination with genetics), and animal studies suggest that this type of exposure damages or alters dopamine receptors.(see link). It’s a correlation, but I think it applies.

  • jamih

    @Poncho Sanchez: Lol, what the hell did that have to do with gay men? Gay men are particularly susceptible to drug use because they like to fuck around on speed and there are always idiots like you around making excuses and gaysplaining anything negative away as some kind of result of “gayness” so no one has to take any responsibility.

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