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  • Jawsch

    o.0 So after all the complaining and posting of articles about wanting to know why Willam was kicked off the show and now you know but don’t want to tell anyone?

    Hell, you all spoiled almost every episode for those of us that don’t have Logo and only get to watch it the next day online. So why not do the same here?

    Seems silly. Do it for all or don’t do it at all. ;)

  • Spike

    HA HA HA, leave it to Ru to pull the ultimate mindfuck on the Queens, shoot three endings, without them knowing this was the plan. I’m guessing they wanted multiple reaction shots of PeePee when she looses! SharonNeedles for the win!

  • The Wanderer

    Does anyone know if Flotilla DeBarge is still alive?

  • oh wow

    Love that picture.

    Chad looks elegant and gorgeous.

    Sharon looks kooky/cool/crazy (in a good way).

    Phical looks like a tired ass showgirl from a drag bar in Richmond, Virginia, in 1983 – as usual.

  • AshNYC

    90% sure Flotilla is still alive

  • anthony

    I loved when Ru teased that William’s expulsion wouldn’t be explained until the Drag U premiere… and her reaction to Rupaulogize!

  • ChristopherM

    @Jawsch: what seems silly is someone dumb enough to go on a gay news site when he hasn’t watched something he and any idiot knows will be posted on said site.

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