‘Insider’ Comes Out For Thomas Roberts

Word sure does travel fast around these internet parts. A few days ago, our happy endings included a blind item from Kenneth Walsh’s website: “which media “insider” enjoys a little ManHunt?”

The buzz started immediately, with most people guessing Thomas Roberts, the former CNN staffer who poured his heart out to Anderson Cooper and now works for The Insider.

The gossip mill reached such a feverish pace, it seems, that The Insider felt the need to defend their new hire. Via Page Six:

We have hired Thomas Roberts from CNN for his journalistic strengths and integrity. It is unfortunate that after four days on the job at ‘The Insider,’ he has become a victim of this malicious personal attack.

Oh, please, Walsh did us all a favor, especially you, Insider. Think of all the homos who will tune in just for Roberts, whose (alleged) penis deserves more press.