This Instafamous gay couple has a racy side hustle that’s making them a killing

Meet Rick Twombley and his husband Griff King. The newlyweds from Atlanta have an Instagram following of 186,000 and counting. They recently figured out how to monetize their Insta-fame by creating a OnlyFans site.

Excuses to wear a crop top: • Because it’s hot. • Because it’s cold, and you want to BE hot! • Because you like pretending your bare belly is a drum! • Because you’re a strong independent woman, and you’ll dress as you damn well please! • Because you’re a strong independent man, and you’re comfortable in your masculinity, bruh! • Because there’s less chance for accumulating belly button lint. • Because it allows easier detection and extraction of existing belly button lint! • Because you’re a lion, not a sheep! So why the eff not?!? • Because if 80’s Johnny Depp and Prince wore them, then it’s probably a good idea! ?????? Now that you have an excuse, make one out of an old T or buy one, and run around in it! Laugh in it! Have fun in it! Join the movement and #RockThatCrop #expressyourself #alpha #pup . . Our crops by @baldrick_benjamin

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For $9.99 a month, fans can have unlimited access to the guys’ more risque photos and videos. Their goal for the site, the couple says, is to “showcase not only our passions and talents, but promote a healthy relationship between two gay men that is (hopefully) inspirational, authentic, sexy and fun!”

And, of course, to make money.

The guys’ OnlyFans site features everything from workout videos to cooking demos to adult photo galleries and even relationship advice. However…

“If you’re only interested in seeing pornography, your money will be better spent at Sean Cody,” they say.

Now, a new mini-doc produced by VICE follows the couple around as they produce content for their site and take viewers inside their Atlanta home. We can’t show the video on our site, but you can see it HERE. You just might want to make sure your boss isn’t around.

Scroll down for more pics of Rick and Griff…

Those glorious Sunday’s when you’re actually THANKFUL for Daylight Savings Time!

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