Instagram Hunk Kyle Krieger Was Once ‘Held Together By Crack Smoke & Glitter’ And Was Rejected From A Sex Party

tumblr_ncvkhl13gD1qzrj2lo1_1280Instagram star (it’s really a thing) and YouTube personality Kyle Krieger has been very open about his past battle with substance abuse, but in a new video with fellow YouTube celeb Raymond Braun he goes into incredibly candid detail about what led him to seek out sobriety eight years ago.

Krieger, who also works as a hair stylist, talks how being tormented as an effeminate child led him to turn to drugs and alcohol to overcome the ongoing pain. He says he hit rock bottom in the usual way, which involved losing friends, family and resorted to putting tin foil on his windows and was held together by crack smoke and glitter. His moment of clarity came after he was stiffed by an unnamed pop star and her hard-partying entourage at a bar he worked at in Miami, which led to his doing an eight ball of coke, multiple shots of Goldschlager, walking 70 blocks (!) to a sex party, only to be deemed too messy to enter. That would do it!

Watch the two men converse below and scroll down to see a few of Krieger’s photos.


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Known to carry big things if you know what I mean..

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