Instagram Censors Jeffree Star for Showing His Nipple

In an act of censorship, Instagram has removed an image posted by gender-fuck musician Jeffree Star because it violated their community guidelines.

Star shared the photo on Facebook and added:

[quote]hey Instagram – I love you but this is 100% wrong and disrespectful. You deleted this photo I posted today but what “guideline” am I violating???? Because stupid trolls are flagging me you have to take it down? This is some prejudice bullshit… and it’s sad that we have this amazing platform to use and get treated like this. I’m not some whore with her pussy out, I’m a male with my tattoos and nipple showing… How is that wrong?”[/quote]

Jeffree Star Instagram Removal Censorship

The photo that was removed shows Star’s left nipple as he lies in a pool of water. It seems that it has violated their “Keep your clothes on” guideline, which is meant to keep users from uploading nude images of themselves or others. This guideline restricts users from uploading mature content, to which their their guidelines state, “If you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram.” We highly doubt that Star would mind showing this photo to any of the aforementioned groups of people.

So has Instagram taken things to far by censoring a males nipple, or should men be censored in the same way that women are? Since Star uses facial makeup to transform his image to resemble a woman, should he be censored in the same ways that women are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet them to us at @DragaholicNews.

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