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Instagram sensation Diego Oliveira is gonna give you an eyeful

Então vamos de Paintball, a bala vai comer, não tenta não hein !!! ???????? #tropa

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What all can we tell you about way-handsome, utterly ogle-worthy Diego Oliveria?


His Instagram is becoming a worldwide sensation.

He hails from Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

He’s big on the gym, the beach, partying, and, well, taking selfies.

He’s a fine specimen of supreme gorgeosity who demands your undivided attention.

The thirst is real.

And that’s all we got. But isn’t that enough?

Take a look at him and remember to breathe: 


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BOM DIA ? #segundafeira ??

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Escolhas conduzem a vida ?

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Nada como um dia após o outro dia ????

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Dando uma moral na segurança do carnaval do Rio de Janeiro,com ajuda da minha mulher maravilha ???

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Ensaio ?

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Verãozão ?

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Nesse exato momento ? #relaxando

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A post shared by Diego Oliveira (@dodiegooliveira) on

Vem verão ??

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A post shared by Diego Oliveira (@dodiegooliveira) on

h/t: homorazzi 

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  • [email protected]

    I am so over six packs. Have these himbos ever read a book without pictures??

    • Juanjo

      Odd how that works. I am so over bitchy Negative Nancys who click on an article about eye candy and then carp that it is an article about eye candy.

  • Thad

    He probably has. In Portuguese, even.
    We know real beauty comes from within, right? So while I won’t yet bow at.Senhor Oliveras’ feet…I won’t rule out he may be all right.

  • pudman56

    Why are you “so over six packs” and why do you assume that because someone maintains a beautiful body they aren’t as intelligent as they are sexy. Sick of them? Don’t look at them. At the very least they provide great props in my fantasy/dream world where I’m 60 years old (my real age) but a gazillionaire and I have my choice of whichever 6-pack I’ll be sleeping with that night.

    However, in my real life, if you look like a nerd and are into nerdy things like astrophysics or cosmology don’t worry about your abs, biceps, potential 6-pack. You just won my vote because you’re an interesting person I could have talks with, late into the evening. You know, like when it’s so late that my nerdy science mate just invites me to spend the night because of the time.

    I am proficient from separating fantasy from reality.

  • pudman56

    Oh, and if the fantasy ain’t working anymore, I just don’t go to any site that provides the old fantasy that is no more. I don’t complain about the product, I simply don’t buy it.

  • Billy Budd

    He is Brazilian. Brazilians are hot. I am Brazilian.

  • He BGB

    I don’t find him attractive. Something must be wrong with me.

  • Bradsman

    He has a perfect body, which he seems to like to show off.

  • Spike

    If you have been to Rio, he’s a dime a dozen, and most are packing/showing ALOT more.

    Doesn’t even look like he cut out the liner in his square cuts, not showing any VPL which is norm on the beach in Rio.

    • Frank

      Now that is the truth in Rio…many people KNOW that they are display therefore they workout hard and make sure that their bodies are in TIP TOP shape…

      Lastly, he has an Instagram account or as I like to call it “still pornography”…

  • Kangol

    He’s cute but there are far cuter down in Brazil. In all shades from light pink to blue-black.

  • JaredMacBride

    If he’s an internet “sensation” how come his photos have less than 200 likes? Real internet sensations get that many in 30 seconds.

  • gary69mike

    Really. Go to any gym, beach or mall and you can find the next Instagram sensation. Yeah, he’s ok… seen a lot hotter!

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