Instant replay: Pro footballer accidentally bares it all on live TV

Substitute athletes in team sports rarely get the chance to shine on the world stage, spending most of their time waiting dutifully on the sidelines. But a British footballer has stumbled upon a way to get his face out there.

Well… not his face, actually.

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A game between Huddersfield and Bournemouth–Huddersfield won in case you were wondering (you weren’t wondering)–became the backdrop for the real story when an unidentified substitute Huddersfield player was captured adjusting the waistband of his mesh shorts, along with whatever he was wearing underneath.

And by “adjusting” we mean momentarily lowering down to his knees.

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You can find the uncensored clip (you might want to wait until Karen from HR walks away from your cubicle) here.

Twitter treated the news with a commendable amount of maturity: