Instead Of Correcting Its HIV Misinformation, The View Will Continue Expressing ‘Interpretations of Data’

On June 22, during a discussion about blood donation and the transmission of HIV/AIDS, a guest moderator on the show expressed his interpretation of data about one way the virus can be transmitted. The topic of HIV/AIDS has been raised many times over the show’s 13 years, with many voices and opinions contributing to a conversation that we expect to continue as long as The View is on the air.

—ABC’s please-go-away statement regarding The View‘s Sherri Shepherd (with guest host D.L. Hughley) blaming high HIV rates among blacks on downlow gay men [via]

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  • Chopsie

    The “interpret data” like the GOP…

  • L.

    Hey, ABC – a question: would saying that “the View was the daytime’s third highest rated show with 4.42 million total viewers for the [female] 18-34 group” means “women aged 18-34 are morons” be inflammatory and wrong, or just an interpretation of data?

  • Qjersey

    As if DL and Sherri have actually read any data.

  • Acorn

    The perfect question to have been asked is how Africa has 88% of people living with HIV? A nation on the “downlow”?

  • neal

    Africa is not a Nation.

  • L.

    (And the infection rate isn’t 88% either.)

  • ewe

    The only data is that one must be HIV positive to transmit the virus. It has nothing to do with down low black blatino white men on black latin asian white women all lickin and suckin and fuckin each other without that ingredient. Tell those bitches to stuff it.

  • bruce

    I totally agree with the notion that this ABC statement was a “go away” statement. Well, perhaps it’s time we in the GLBT community told ABC to “go away”. Joy, Sherri, Barbra etc can all join it.

  • toby

    This is misinformation as well as Thomas Roberts being 37! A lot of twisting of information on THE VIEW.

  • Joey O'H

    That’s the problem. Sherri and DL didn’t read anything before making their uneducated comments. I found them both to be very offensive. The View has become more and more, “the All About Sherri Shepard Uneducated Thoughts and Opinions Show.”
    I found both of them to be rude to Thomas Roberts in not allowing him the proper time to speak.
    Would Sherri have been upset if someone would have suggested that black women be taken out of the blood donation pool since they are having sex with men on the downlo?
    Bill Geddie has a responsibility to que his hosts and co-hosts (as well as themnselves) are making educated comments and less uneducated gueeses. ABC has been dropping the ball as of late and Sherri’s ass needs to go.

  • Michael L.

    Sherri Sheperd is the most vile “human being” (and I use that term loosely) on television. She has single handedly, with her no neck ghetto ass weaves, turned a once semi-watchable show in to filth that MANY gay people boycott. Elizabeth is a reality show reject, but this one was the replacment for Rosie and the absolute most annoying, misinformed and happily ignorant trash on television. All gays and gay allies should boycott this homophobic platform of a show. I know personally MANY of my friends have for 2 years now and genuinly don’t feel like we’re missing anything other than hormonal woman yapping away about nonsense.
    DL Hughly’s show got canceled after the third episode, so him being there as a guest is soooooo fitting. Third rate “talent” for a third rate show.

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