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Instead of Helping The Poor, Southern Poverty Law Center Is Being Mean To NOM

Joining the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins in refudiating its addition to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s updated list of hate groups, the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown calls his group’s inclusion “an absurd distraction emanating from a once-great organization’s real mission.” Wait, is he talking about SPLC’s attack on NOM, or the Human Rights Campaign’s? (NB: SPLC has some of its own questions to answer about its “real mission.”)

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  • gregger

    hey Queerty, if you want Scarah Palin to go away, stop using her malaprops.

  • Polyboy

    That NoM guy looks like a smug serial killer.

  • peteNsfo

    @gregger: at least put them in quotations so that this whole, making words up thing, doesn’t get worse! :)

    I’m thrilled that, as Amy Poehler portraying Hillary said, “the SLPC has grown-a-pair” After Dan Savage calling out, CNN, I’m hopeful that media in general will understand that a hate-group with a fairly singular purpose, is not as benign as an ‘opposing’ point of view and does NOT deserve a mic.

    I’m sure a lotta people thought that if blacks just respected the KKK as a part of the community, that their lives would be a whole lot easier.

    Not gonna happen.

  • Cam

    Of course they can’t argue against what the group said so they try to distract from it by claiming it should be off doing other things.

  • Mike in Asheville

    So, Queerty, “Et tu?” jumping on the NOM, AFA + FRC anti-SPLC bandwagon?

    SPLC works 100% gratis for its many cases against discrimination, bigotry, and hate crimes. That means it does not charge a penny for their legal work and 100% of any and all judgments go to their clients.

    SPLC receives NO government funding; contrary to what NOM, FCR, AFA bullshit claims.

    The IRS requires that nonprofits operations spend an amount greater than 5% of assets annually. In SPLC case, with $190 million in assets, their annual operating budget must spend a minimum of $9.5 million. Last year, SPLC spent over $24 million; so they are well above IRS requirements.


    Queerty, where is your report about how SPLC, a mostly African-American organization, funded to work against the KKK including bankrupting the KKK with legal claims, has become a major player in supporting gay rights? With all the claims that African-Americans are anti-gay, here is clear evidence that many and major African-Americans support gay rights equality.

  • [email protected]

    Why the SPLC and the ACLU so often strive to mimic PETA in the grandstanding is beyond me.

    Its not that the hate group thingy isn’t relevant, its that it has nothing to do with southern poverty legal issues.

    Its over reach.

  • Joe

    @[email protected]: What a load of horse shit. There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of gay and lesbian people who are poor and are racial minorities. To argue that the SPLC doesn’t deal in “our” issues is to suggest that all gay people are wealthy whiny white folk.

  • Anon

    I’ll save some space and simply second Mike in Asheville. I will add, however, that I’m beyond frustrated that people don’t explore SPLC’s mission beyond what they assume to be the meaning that comes from the words used in the acronym. It’s not about ‘solving poverty,’ people, and it’s never shocking that organizational presidents (especially when they’re attorneys) make a lot of money.

    And to [email protected]: what, exactly, is the problem with PETA’s “grandstanding”? Again, do you know anything about that organization’s mission, issues, victories or successes from said “grandstanding”? Or are you speaking from that same point of ignorance about SPLC’s mission and approach? It seems to me that PETA is the highest-functioning non-profit in the land, considering the proportion of their income (which is entirely from donations) is used on operations instead of staff pay (the last time I checked, that proportion was somewhere over 4:1–which is amazing).


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