International Mail

International Male

We were horrified when we fetched the Queerty mail yesterday. Hiding itself amongst the stack that included Details, Paper, and Vogue was a copy of the gayest magazine that has ever been published: International Male.

Yes. Its back like a cold sore or an Internet stalker and we will kill whomever put us on their list. The International Male catalog now thinks it is a magazine. The cover ever says it! But we cannot get too upset. I mean really, we call this site a magazine too.

Upon further inspection our suspicions and memories were correct. International Male still makes tacky, ridiculous gay costumes in Lycra, spandex, and animal prints. It is bad. Really bad. Who buys these clothes? We’re just asking.

Within the pages we did get a little glimpse of hope. IM is trying to recreate their look. They are selling the relaunched Penguin line. Barney’s carries Penguin! Included in this new line are cute camo hats, military blazers, and hipster t-shirts. The prices were cheap and we were actually going to go through with it.

That is until we turned the page and got a look at the fringed suede cowboy jacket and banana thongs. We put down our credit card and sanity hit. We had almost ordered something from International Male.

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