Dress you up

The Internet is all aswirl because Justin Trudeau’s son wore a pink dress

Justin Trudeau continues to stake his claim as Best Overall Human Ever, and we’re about ready to just hand over the statuette and call it a day.

The Canadian prime minister’s son happily donned a pink dress for Halloween; a choice that did not elude the Internet’s scrutinizing eye.

Trudeau opted for a Superman costume, possibly to throw us off the scent that he actually is Superman. His wife Sophie and daughter Elle-Grace both opted for Wonder Woman costumes, and his son Xavier dressed himself — trigger warning — as a terrifying werewolf.

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Meanwhile, Trudeau’s three-year-old boy Hadrien dressed as Skye, his fave character in the Canadian cartoon “PAW Patrol,” who is a female cockapoo (a cocker spaniel/poodle mix, in case you’re curious.)

Press materials reveal Skye is the very first female member of PAW Patrol, and she rides a ‘copter and “always makes her landings graceful with flips.”

That’s our kind of PAW Patroller.

During a press conference, Trudeau said, “He [Hadrien] insisted on being Skye. And that’s fine with us.”

As you have come to expect, the Internet is going certifiably guano insane over all this pink-dress business: