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Internet Calls Gay Oscar Producer Bruce Cohen A Big Homophobic Liar

Oscar-winning Oscar producer Bruce Cohen insisted the reason television viewers didn’t see the smooch between Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin on stage is because the stunt was unscripted, and cameras pulled away from them dancing on stage to show Penelope Cruz reacting in the audience. That is, they didn’t know there was about to be a YouTube-worthy lip lock between the actors. The Internet called bullshit on him.

On Wikipedia, where all claims are sacrosanct, Cohen’s page has been updated with another version of events: “Bruce Cohen is a liar who claims he does not partake in the homophobia of the ABC network when clearly he does.”

Who to believe: The never-lying users of Wikipedia, or a Hollywood supergay who wants to keep getting paid to produce the Academy Awards telecast?

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