Internet Cannot Decide if Oprah, Daniel Radcliffe + Nick Jonas Are Gay


If information wants to be free, surely the Internet knows all information? Like, which celebrities are homosexual.

This Twitter-sourced survey has average Joes and Janes voting on which celebrities they think are gay, based on scientific criteria like “because he looks like it” and “he did that gay movie.” Some results are in, and Mario Lopez, Jason Mraz, Zachary Quinto, Ricky Martin, and Ryan Seacrest are among the biggest “known” homos, according to oh-so-knowledgeable anonymous Internet uses.

But what we’re more interested to see is where voters failed to brand a famous person gay — and failed to brand ’em as straight. Among those lurking in homo-stasis?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (47% gay)

Jada Pinkett Smith (47%)

Wentworth Miller (53%)

Oprah Winfrey (46%)

Daniel Radcliffe (46%)

Fareed Zakaria (55%)

Nick Jonas (45%)

And the biggest mystery of all:

Mr. Potatohead (45%)