Internet Cannot Decide if Oprah, Daniel Radcliffe + Nick Jonas Are Gay


If information wants to be free, surely the Internet knows all information? Like, which celebrities are homosexual.

This Twitter-sourced survey has average Joes and Janes voting on which celebrities they think are gay, based on scientific criteria like “because he looks like it” and “he did that gay movie.” Some results are in, and Mario Lopez, Jason Mraz, Zachary Quinto, Ricky Martin, and Ryan Seacrest are among the biggest “known” homos, according to oh-so-knowledgeable anonymous Internet uses.

But what we’re more interested to see is where voters failed to brand a famous person gay — and failed to brand ’em as straight. Among those lurking in homo-stasis?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (47% gay)

Jada Pinkett Smith (47%)

Wentworth Miller (53%)

Oprah Winfrey (46%)

Daniel Radcliffe (46%)

Fareed Zakaria (55%)

Nick Jonas (45%)

And the biggest mystery of all:

Mr. Potatohead (45%)

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  • AlanInSLC

    What about Papa Smurf or Barney? Or Miley Cyrus or Chance Crawford? =o)

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    …..or ABC newsreaders OR the Gospel choir at the Jackson memorial or President Barack Obama?

    Bloomberg is Asexual (but a bottom in Portugal!)

  • bb

    My diagnosis:

    I thought the gay blogosphere had reluctantly given up Lopez despite how queeny he is?

    Mraz could be.

    Quinto I sure hope for.

    Martin and Seacrest are old news.

    Bloomberg’s straight.

    So’s Jada, I hope… she and Will feel like such great parents that I just get great mommy and daddy vibes from them. I’m attached to them as straight… moving on and pretending not be so neurotic…

    Wentworth who?

    Oprah YES!

    Radcliffe… hmm. I’d just like to put this down now before this story gets any bigger: I started getting the vibe from him long before other people. I thought he might be gay 5 years ago at least (we’re the same age, so I could kind of see in him what was in me). ON THE OTHER HAND: he’s so gay-friendly that I really do kind of believe he’d just come out if he were, and I have such bad gaydar. It all just seems too easy to me, too suspect. I sure hope he is, though. I don’t even like Harry Potter, and I would still do terrible things to him.

    I just hate Fareed Zakaria and wouldn’t want him in the family.

    And everyone knows it’s Kevin who is the homo. Nick’s just the prettiest. Seriously, though, they’re in a boy band, and they’re naturally waify because of the whole devote Christian/only spend time with your mom and brothers thing. Who the hell knows with them?

  • Marius

    But Kevin Jonas just dropped to one knee and asked a young woman to be his bride – to break his seal so to speak.

    I never gave Mario Lopez a second thought until he started showing up everywhere with the very married Eva Longoria. Her husband obviously didn’t care. Hmmm, the dimple deepens.

    I’ll stop here. I hate that I know even this much about these people.

  • bb

    Ooo… actually I’m gonna do some of the rest of them from the Gawker article. * Wow… people really think Mario Lopez is gay. Was I wrong about the giving up? * Jackson… interesting. Too psycho-socially arrested to know (and now we never will) is my guess. * Is it weird I think Jodie Foster is more fluid? At least people have put Tom and Anderson in their place. * Michael Cera: I like the nerds, but he just strikes me as nerdy, not gay. * Josh Groban, duh. * A-Rod? Uhh… Maybe Derek (probs not), but A-Rod? * I only stare at Chace and Zac. I try not to listen to them or anything about them, so I don’t know. Anyone would be well-quaffed with make-up staff, though. * I’ve never gotten John Travolta. Is that weird? Am I just too young? * Chris O’Donnell… don’t see it but would like it. * John Mayer and JT, nah. * Shia… I hope. Don’t know but I hope. * Gyllenhaal no… just cause we have the footage to imagine him doing it with guys does not mean. Ugh, nvm. * Vin yes.

    And the rest of the list is absurd.

  • bb

    @bb: Wow… I feel so trashy for writing this… if only I could delete it.

  • Rhea

    And what about Martha Stewart? I have it on good authority that she is.

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