Man crushes

Internet collectively swoons over South Korea President’s “stunningly handsome” bodyguard

While South Korea’s former president was no stranger to attention, the country’s new leader is already making a name for himself — or at least making a name for his handsome bodyguard.

The fact that Moon Jae In just took office has been largely overshadowed by the fact that his bodyguard is handsome. Like, you-just-walked-into-a-lightpost handsome.

The first photos of him were posted to Korean web portal Daum, and immediately devoured by an insatiable Internet.

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He’s been identified as Choi Young Jae, a 36-year-old Special Warfare Command officer.

Twitter user @Elena_Yip reposted the photos to her profile and quickly racked up more than 30,000 retweets.

Twitter has spent the last few days celebrating their new man-crush: