Take a whiff

The internet is very divided over this jockstrap sniffing commercial by Gain

A new commercial by Gain detergent has everyone talking… but maybe not for the best reasons.

The ad, titled “The Sweet Smell of Defeat,” features two boys, their DILFy dad, and a sweaty jockstrap.

It shows the two kids attempting to play a prank on their sleeping dad by fishing his stinky jockstrap out of his gym bag then dropping on his face.

But the joke’s on them because Dad actually loves the smell… because his jock was recently washed with Gain detergent!

After seeing their dad’s face-gasm, the kids decide to sniff the jock, too. They bury their young faces in the soft, sweet-smelling fabric and have a similar reaction.

No, folks, this is not a parody. It’s an actual ad for Gain detergent that’s been running on TV for the past week or so. And it has people very divided.

Check out some of the responses:

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