The Internet is freaking out about Ludacris’s thoroughly CGI abs

Ludacris’s new single for The Fate Of The Furious soundtrack dropped yesterday, and the accompanying video is raising eyebrows thanks to the rabidly fraudulent CGI abs emblazoned upon the rap star’s stomach.

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The promotional clip for “Vitamin D (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)” takes place in some sort of astral hospital room full of gyrating women in slinky lingerie, all of whom are keenly drawn to the keenly drawn-on washboard abs following Ludacris wherever he goes.

At the end of the video, Ludacris wakes up in a hospital gurney because all of this was a dream, and his torso finds itself fully restored to its natural state. Nevertheless, many Twitter denizens either didn’t wait until the end of the video or are suffering an irony deficiency or both, since they all-too eagerly lashed out at Ludacris for donning abs that were not his own:

Ludacris is now taking time out of his hectic schedule to troll his dissenters: