GRAPHIC: People Are Kind Of Over Lady Gaga, Says Internet


The meteoric rise of Lady Gaga may have taken a precipitous turn, according to AccuraCast. London’s leading search engine marketing agency has named Mother Monster “2012’s Fallen Star.”

Noting that Born This Way has sold 4 million fewer copies than her debut, The Fame, and the decline in her internet search volume — visualized in the above graph — AccuraCast writes:

When we consider how busy Lady Gaga has been over the course of 2012, her fall in online popularity is astonishing and even more so if we consider the influence of the internet in launching her career. In April 2012 she commenced the Born This Way Ball and then in August she launched her own fragrance, appearing in cities across the globe to promote this. She also lost and gained weight controversially, after admitting to suffering from an eating disorder, openly discussed her use of drugs and appeared at London Fashion Week.

The declining number of searches, which is lingering dangerously close to the level it was when she burst onto the scene in 2008, indicates that we are all a little bored with Lady Gaga’s antics!

Well, they may have a point there. Gaga’s concert sales have been disappointing and Born This Way got its Ball handed to it by Madonna‘s MDNA Tour. Justin Bieber  has eclipsed the Lady as the most popular person on Twitter and thanks to some YouTube housecleaning, she lost some 156 million views. And Jennifer Lopez toppled her from the top spot on Forbes‘ Celebrity 100 last year.

Take a note, kids. This is what happens when you hang out with Lindsay Lohan. Those frequent failure miles are transferable.