GRAPHIC: People Are Kind Of Over Lady Gaga, Says Internet


The meteoric rise of Lady Gaga may have taken a precipitous turn, according to AccuraCast. London’s leading search engine marketing agency has named Mother Monster “2012’s Fallen Star.”

Noting that Born This Way has sold 4 million fewer copies than her debut, The Fame, and the decline in her internet search volume — visualized in the above graph — AccuraCast writes:

When we consider how busy Lady Gaga has been over the course of 2012, her fall in online popularity is astonishing and even more so if we consider the influence of the internet in launching her career. In April 2012 she commenced the Born This Way Ball and then in August she launched her own fragrance, appearing in cities across the globe to promote this. She also lost and gained weight controversially, after admitting to suffering from an eating disorder, openly discussed her use of drugs and appeared at London Fashion Week.

The declining number of searches, which is lingering dangerously close to the level it was when she burst onto the scene in 2008, indicates that we are all a little bored with Lady Gaga’s antics!

Well, they may have a point there. Gaga’s concert sales have been disappointing and Born This Way got its Ball handed to it by Madonna’s MDNA Tour. Justin Bieber  has eclipsed the Lady as the most popular person on Twitter and thanks to some YouTube housecleaning, she lost some 156 million views. And Jennifer Lopez toppled her from the top spot on Forbes‘ Celebrity 100 last year.

Take a note, kids. This is what happens when you hang out with Lindsay Lohan. Those frequent failure miles are transferable.

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  • iBLOW

    I think it’s because she was doing WAYYYYY too much and not making enough music, Paparazzi was good an I liked her I The Fame era, she was different and a little weird. But on Born This Way she just got to be TOOOOO weird, ARTPOP needs to be a big hit with a lot of crossover songs or she’s going to end up like Christina Agueliera.


    She has a good voice for musical theatre.. But yeah it’s about time people got wise to the surface emptiness of image driven dreck. Now it would be churlish to say she didn’t do some good for our community, I’ll be forever grateful to her for that. The possible danger is if she becomes unspeakably naff, so to some extent does her LGBT equality Zeitgeisty message….60s’ peace, love, and understanding, anybody?

  • Matheus

    bullshit. attention-seeking post.
    that happens with EVERYONE in the industry. just wait until she rebounds ins a few months.

  • Alotta Fagina

    It’s about time the public came to their senses. Lady Gaga is nothing but a phony, contrived, wannabee! Her concerts all over South America and Russia were flops. buy 1 get 1 free deals, fake youtube vies and twitter followers.
    I think she or her management think the general public is stupid and they can lie and lie and not get caught. The media built her up to be this huge star but now that time has passed the truth is finally coming out that she was just media driven and no where near as popular as they made her out to be. Last rumor I heard was that she turned in songs from her new CD to the record company and they made her go back to the drawing board

  • FB_100003311620092

    Lady GaGa is just a media manipulator and noise with no originality or substance. She is the most over-rated artist of the 21st century too.

    Good to know people are beginning to smell her interior motives. She is just a garbage… just like her fashion, music and art.

    Minus her wigs, wacky costumes and her 90s- Tampon -advert pop songs…. what’s left?

  • caff484

    I think its bc she tours too much, and updates her fb status 10 times daily. we all know where she is and what shes doing. boring. give us some mystery. fall off the map for 6 months, hell even a year, and make us say hmmm what is lady gaga up to these days?

    also, touring that much is desperate. its like crying “love me! love me! im here for you and have no life of my own!” sort of pathetic.

  • 2eo

    @caff484: Except Rolling Stones who still sell millions of tickets and the hundreds of touring bands.

    Maybe you should try listening to none manufactured drivel, though given how you prioritised social media trying new music looks to be out of reach.

  • 2eo

    Oh, I’m aware of the use of drivel, it’s quite correct in my opinion of most live music.

  • pkpk2

    Lady Gaga is very talented and a great humanitarian! If anyone is overrated its Perez Hilton, who has no talent at all!

  • boring

    Lady Gaga has been and always will be a postmodernist, self-aware satire on the recording industry and pop music in general, her shelf life will be no different and that’s ENTIRELY THE POINT.

    Lady Gaga isn’t Madonna, she’s Devo. That’s what makes her awesome.

  • skoc211

    She had the fifth highest grossing tour of the year without even performing a single show in the Unites States. And she hasn’t even been in the game five years. Give the girl a break. She’s not over, she’s just been busy.

  • Red Meat

    Lady Gaga’s Born this way tour is already #25 in the all time grossing tours of all time, the only pop acts in front of her is Madonna, herself with her first your, and Cher.

    LESTER BRATHWAITE, are you sure you are not the one running pawsdownlittlemonsters? Everyone is looking for you over at ATRL

    One would expect that after taking 2 years to release music. It’s like you want her to be Rihanna.

  • sfsilver

    Of course her search engine results are down, she’s in between projects and publicity. This is a non-story. If she were pulling these lowered statistics in the heat of a PR campaign for a new album then there would be something to talk about.

  • archymcdewitt

    @sfsilver: Well said.

  • archymcdewitt

    Here are a number of irresponsible fallacies in this article:

    1. You say “concert sales have been disappointing” and link to a blog post that appears to have invented the statistics. The author is Jemuel Dasilva, a college student with no journalistic credentials who regularly writes columns bashing Lady Gaga and spreading misinformation about her.

    2. You say that “Born This Way got its Ball handed to it by Madonna’s MDNA Tour” and link to a random article about Kate Middleton. This may be an innocent mistake, but if you look at the numbers, you’ll see that Lady Gaga performed 7 fewer shows than Madonna in 2012, and that all 65 were sold out.


    3. You cite that “she lost some 156 million views” on YouTube as evidence of her declining popularity, but if you read the article you linked to, you’ll know that the view-count adjustments are based on a technicality and is completely unrelated to her popularity.

    I get that you want to report on a star’s dramatic fall, but next time, stick to the facts.

  • Joshua

    This is all based on google trends? seriously? Gaga hasn’t had an album out since 2011.
    The fame has been out 3 years longer than born this way. Stupid. What a useless wasted of web space. She writes her songs, has an amazing voice, and doesn’t conform. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE MEDIA TRYING TO TEAR GAGA DOWN…. She is a good person and leads by example. And guess what? She is about to take over the world… once again. So watch out.

  • moon lake

    This article is ridiculous in that it claimed that Lady Gaga’s popularity based on how much Internet search about her. One just need to realize that the period of time when she is soaring to the attention of media is very different from now. Now that she has famous, she uses facebook, twitter and other social media to stay connected to her fans. Why will her fans need to resort to search engines to find news or information about her? Of course, the frequencies of Internet searches about Lady Gaga will reduce over time! Because many people who become fans of her will follow her through social media and don’t need to use search engines any more…

    Can people even think rationally any more?

  • palomino

    @archymcdewitt: @Joshua: LOL! Since when did she take over the world? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Delusional monsters.

  • befarman

    Mommy Monster is the best. She sells soaps and shower gels because she hates money. She also took a picture of herself while pretending to pray for the victims of the fire in Brazil. Paws up!

  • royboy1

    i disagree she is still in the limelight, but i do believe she is working to hard and needs to stop touring for a while and recharge the battery.

  • Rowland

    There was bound to be some drop off. “The Fame” era is of the like that only come around once in a generation. Being an 80’s kid i can tell you she blew Madonna out of the water and easily made the best pop in 20+ years.

    Born This Way as an album is “good” but only “OK” compared to The Fame and The Fame monster. Honestly I think her biggest mistakes in the BTW era was the songs she choose to promote on the album. Edge Of Glory, Mary the Night, Without You? These are very average songs that are overly sentimental. The better songs you can find fan made videos of. Songs which Gaga did nothing to promote herself. She had number 1’s on the album but just didnt release a singe or make videos for them “Bloody Mary” and “Fashion of His Love” two examples.

    Basically what she promotes was what only avid Little Monsters would like and nobody else would. For that, she lost the broad appeal and fan base that her older stuff gave her.

    But its only one era out of two for Gaga and many yet to come.

  • Shane

    I felt this was going to happen a while back because of her ridiculous, over-the-top costumes she is always wearing. It make her look dated, kind of like when we think of the band KISS, we immediately think of the 1970’s. A crazy outfit might be appropriate sometimes, but every single last time she’s anywhere being photographed she looks like she’s getting ready to trick-or-treat. That said, she is incredibly talented, so I wouldn’t write her off. She’s got a great career ahead of her, but she is no Madonna, no matter how badly she wants to be. LOL, I guess that makes her a “wannabe”!

  • samanticx


    Lawd the serial LYING & DELUSIONS of Little Monsters, like their fraud momma, really know no bounds!

    FYI, Lady Gaga has absolutely NOTHING on Madonna if we compare their early years:

    – Madonna created the first TRUE global mania for a female pop star not seen before and not seen since, the kind of mania reserved only to male stars (like Elvis) and bands (like the Beatles). Caca is PURELY media and PR-driven.

    – All Madonna’s singles since she charted her 1st Top 10 with Borderline were ALL TOP TENs, with most at Top 5, for more than 5 years (or a then unprecedented 17 Top 10s/ Top 5s).. while Caca less than 3 years after her 1st Top 10 already has #29 on BB Hot 100. In their comparative years, Madonna had already MORE #1s.

    – Madonnas 1st 3 albums had INCREASING (& phenomenal) sales, with 8M, then 21M, then 27 Million copies each; while Caca’s albums sold in DECREASING manner from 8-6-5.6M copies. For their respective 1st 3 albums, M had 2 of them at #1, while Caca only has 1 at #1. True Blue broke records for being #1 in 28 countries (while BTW, despite the wall to wall hype & promotion) went #1 only in 21 countries

    – Madonna’s 1st world tour BROKE attendance and box office records, averaging a PHENOMENAL 45,000 audience PER SHOW, the biggest being the 130,000 Paris crowd that to this day is still the biggest French concert crowd in HISTORY.

    – That same tour was also almost totally an ALL-STADIUM show– SOLD OUT in record numbers (147,000 Wembley stadium audience in 2 shows sold in RECORD time)– something UNPRECEDENTED for a debut WORLD TOUR for ANY ARTIST. Had she performed with the same number of shows then as Tina Turner, Madonna could EASILY have then the biggest-grossing tour by a female artist of all time.

    – Madonna’s 1990 Blond Ambition tour averaged over $1M/show gross in 1990 dollars, which is the Monster Ball average in 2011 dollars!!

    – Madonna started a true social and gender revolution and championed more by example true female empowerment and gender (LGBT) equality in a time when it was UNCOOL and even DANGEROUS to do so.

    – Madonna’s songs ARE bona fide CLASSICS while Caca’s are REDUCTIVE COPIES of other people’s songs. (of course, Caca’s images are ALL copies, as well)

    Face it, Caca, WITHOUT the Madonna impersonation is a big pile of NOTHING. She’s a serial LIAR and PLAGIARIST who insults artists who paved the way for her. She’s all sturm and drang of drivel with NO substance. And now people, despite media’s protection of her (essentially to spite Madonna), are wising up to her fraudulence.

    And the BTWB!! Lawd! it’s a total horror showcase of her horrid performing skills.

    by the way, for 2012:

    – Madonna, without even having Twitter herself prior to the period of MDNA release and had used her account only TWICE, became the MOST TWEETED ABOUT FEMALE/ARTIST in history, topped only by Obama. Caca’s 20 or 30M “followers” (70% of which are FAKE) couldn’t help her ass.

    – Madonna is #6 Facebook trend of the year (highest female).. Caca? nowhere to be found,

    – ALL Madonna’s TV appearances were RATINGS HITS (Superbowl HT- the single biggest TV audience in US HISTORY; Norton- doubled its viewers; ABC Nightline- highest rating for the year), while ALL of Caca’s TV appearances were huge ratings FLOPS.

    – And, yes, MDNA tour BLEW the horribly lame and amateurish BTWB to smithereens both commercially and artistically, proving without doubt that Caca just CANNOT go up Madonna’s stratospheric level.

    Really, all Madonna needed to do was utter ONE WORD, and Caca the Fraud came crashing down and is on her way to oblivion.

  • pkpk2

    Why do we have to be on one side or the other with Madonna and Gaga? Madonna seems to be perpetuating the disrespect for Gaga while Gaga always compliments and admires Madonna and other artists. I believe Gaga is taking the classier path on this whole thing. I loved Madonna when she first came on the scene and still respect her accomplishments. But I also love Lady Gaga and feel she is very talented and should be respected for all she has done as well. Why do we have to choose?

  • Red Meat

    @pkpk2: Madonna fans feel threatened so they have to compare who is better at every turn.

    They know about Gaga so much, its like they are secretly gay.. er fans.

  • Artpop


  • atomicblonde

    @iBLOW: That’s ironic considering she aped Christina’s career:

  • retrocub

    @skoc211: Not true. She DID perform some shows in the US, but the South and North American legs of the tour were disastrous, due to low ticket sales. She was only averaging about 9,000 tickets sold per venue.

  • retrocub

    @Red Meat: Not true, dear. Many of us “Madonna fans” loved Gaga at first, until she became a second-rate Madge wannabe. Right around “Alejandro” video (which let’s be real- was 150% Madonna rip-off), I started becoming BORED with her. And it was Gaga fans who started proclaiming how “great” she was, ad nauseum. That turned many people off her- and the shitty music since then hasn’t helped.

  • retrocub

    @pkpk2: You have it backwards. Madonna has openly praised Gaga and her talents, even took her daughter to one of Gaga’s concerts. And Madge had every right to proclaim “She’s Not Me” in her MDNA tour- because she’s NOT Madonna, nor will she ever be.

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