Outrage, Inc.

The Internet is mad at Chelsea Handler for “antigay” Lindsey Graham tweet

Chelsea Handler is coming under fire after she rattled off a tweet that (jokingly) implies South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is gay.

The tweet in question also implies (jokingly) that the 62-year-old is being blackmailed with a “dick sucking” video.

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The comment is in response to Graham’s praise for Trump and his immigration reform policies.

“I’ve been doing this for ten years,” he told Trump at a DACA meeting. “I don’t think I’ve seen a better chance to get this done than I do right now, because of you.” This, of course, was before the president referred to countries with non-white majority populations as “sh*tholes.”

Despite the fact that Graham backed the Defense of Marriage Act, conservatives crawled out of the woodwork to attack Handler for a comment they felt was antigay.

Daily Wire‘s Harry Khachatrian wrote, “Apparently homophobic slurs are okay as long as they’re against a Republican.”

Chris Barron, former director of Log Cabin Republicans, had his feathers similarly ruffled by the “explicit antigay tweet.”

And Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson was also very, very upset.

Enjoy a sample of some of these angry, outraged Tweets below:

But it’s worth noting that lots of people — not just conservatives, were just really, really upset about all of this: