Word crimes

The Internet is mad at Piers Morgan for specifically stating he was hanging out in a “gay bar”

Reliably obnoxious professional blowhard Piers Morgan is an expert in the fine art of gasbaggery and making everyone upset of stomach and heavy of heart.

Nevertheless, terminally outrage-addicted Twitter users are getting all roiled and riled because Morgan made the point of referring to a bar as a “gay bar” rather than just, like, “a bar” or “watering hole,” or “dive.”

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Here’s the Tweet that has overly medicated corners of the Internet stewing, festering, and writing in their healing journals:

Well, needless to say, everyone canceled their Labor Day plans to draft and re-draft their poison-pen tweets decrying Morgan’s choice of words.

Here… here is the outrage: 

On and on. And on…

While we slept, did it no longer become acceptable to refer to a bar as a “gay bar”? Do let us know in the comments, won’t you?

h/t: Digital Spy