The body politic

The Internet is obsessing over this handsome man running for Congress, and it’s easy to see why

Meet Ammar Campa-Najjar, the politician who announced he’s running for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District last week.

The 28-year-old has unwittingly caught the Internet’s imagination on fire — not so much for his political views as for the fact that he’s very easy on the eyes.

Writing on Facebook, Campa-Najjar says:

I’m proud to announce my candidacy for California’s 50th Congressional District! Join the Campa campaign today.

My name might be on the ballot, but elections aren’t about candidates. They’re about you and me, becoming an #unstoppablewe — unstoppable in face of adversity, greed, and corruption.

It’s time to bring people back together, pave a path toward a unified future and show how truly indivisible we are. We need to fight for progress and win again, and #togetherwewill.

Talking to Buzzfeed NewsCampa-Najjar said, “I hope people focus on my ideas and not my looks.”

Can’t we do both?

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“I’m the candidate,” he says. “The real casanova of my family is my brother, so take a look at him. He’s the good-looking one.”

“My party lost the election because we were focused too much on the newsroom and not people’s living room and dining rooms and that’s where I intend to spend most of my time.”

So promise to focus on the living room and dining room right after focusing on these alluring photos of Campa-Najjar:

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