Internet Sex Sparks Hong Kong HIV Rise?

HIV’s getting loads of press today – all of it bad. This morning we heard about infection inflations in New York City. Now Hong Kong’s health director, PY Lam, says the territory’s being slammed with new cases.

While New York’s cases are being blamed on the closet, Lam’s pinning the trend on technology:

The number of HIV cases in Hong Kong has surged partly because of men finding sexual partners over the internet and spreading the virus, [Lam] said Wednesday. [He] told a World Health Organization meeting in South Korea that there had been a worrying rise in the number of reported cases as more gay men met for casual sex, often using no condoms.

“We have seen three clusters of HIV among men who have sex with men,” Lam said. “In this information age they find new ways to meet each other and have relationships sometimes on a very casual basis, while condom use is very low.”

One of the three geographic clusters contains 50 men who contracted the bug from one man.

Where do they find the time?!