Cuddle buddies?

The Internet is in a tizzy over this picture of Riverdale’s KJ Apa in bed with another man

KJ Apa has aroused a lot of public interest lately, thanks to his star turn in Riverdale, his proliferous Instagram updates, and just…

As you can imagine, the Internet has become particularly interested in this photo of Apa and a gentlemen friend taking a nap together:

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A filth-flecked little birdie told us the image popped up on an Insta-story by Boston, a friend of Apa’s (and the guy in the picture.)

This has inspired plenty of online comments along the likes of:

“WAIT, is he gay?!”

“Omg. What does this mean? Is he the big spoon??”

We don’t have any of the answers. We’re not even sure we have the questions. But we do know we have access to Apa’s Instagram account.

So let’s ransack it for manflesh:

Happy new year xo (don't freak out mum)

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8000ft up, shot @colesprouse

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NZ I am coming for you!!!! (soon)

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Home is where your dog is

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Scorched as. Da boyos ??

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