Intersex Babies!


We woke up far too late and hung over yesterday to enjoy the weekly bliss that is The Sunday edition of The New York Times, so we were just doing a bit of catching up and came across this piece from The Magazine.

In it, Elizabeth Weil explores the myriad debates surrounding intersex babies, those little bundles of joy born with both male and female traits. Should they be given so-called corrective surgery? What are the consequences of such surgery? Why, as a society, do we feel the need to eliminate the gendered middle-ground? Etc. Etc.

Definitely an interesting read; although, in grand magazine style, quite lengthy. We recommend you use your office’s resources and print it out for later. Can’t have you getting fired, now can we?

(And, yes, we used the same Christoph Nieman image from the story itself. How could we resist?)

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