EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Griffin’s New Bravo Show Might Be Too Gay To Function


What will your take on Hollywood be?

Hollywood’s full of shit. Not unlike high school. You have to call them on it. In addition, we will look at the insane and hilarious political race and other crazy news and entertainment items. This is your destination if you don’t have a life.

Who is going to be the first advertiser to abandon Kathy?

Well, you know, we are 100% sponsored by And the Latter Day Saints. Focus on the Family bought a ton of ad time. Them and PajamaJeans.

What do you think about Rick Santorum? He’s dropped out of the race, but will you still bring him up?

I’m taping this week, so he is still very much on my gaydar. He doesn’t even walk upright at this point, that’s how backwards this guy is. As a comedian, I do miss having him in the race. But you know what? These conservative anti-LGBT dudes, they always find some crazy fucked-up job in the private sector. He’ll probably start some group called Families Who Care About Puppies. They’re always an anti-gay group with a pretty sweet name.

What’s his problem with gay people, anyway?

Maybe Rick was raised by two bitchy gay guys who didn’t get along. Look, they’re not all good, honey. Sometimes you gotta throw the baby back with the bath water. He could’ve got a hold of a couple bad gays, you never know.

Nah, I’m gonna go with, “Doesn’t believe in civil rights.”

What did you think of Anderson Cooper‘s giggle fest last week?

I love it. The way he lost it last week, my favorite moment was, with tears in his eyes, saying, “This is torture.” He was laughing so hard. He will never hear the end of it from me about that.

One last thing: How can reporters ask celebrities smart-ass questions and not get fired?

That’s why I don’t really want to have celebrity guests. You can’t just have Madonna on and say, “When’s the last time you got your fillers? Who’s your doctor? What was the healing time? Do you have any before and after pictures?” You’d get fired for all of those.

So, I don’t know. I’m in the business of getting fired. I was just banned from the Today show, and I don’t even know why. So if you wanna know how to get banned or fired, I’m your girl. As far as how to ask a question and not get banned, I would suggest that you call Rita Rudner. Now, I have to go watch the news. I just heard I’m unbanned from the Today show, and I’m not happy about it.

Kathy premieres on April 19th at 10pm EST Bravo. Photos:Lola Broadus. Philip Nelson, gdcgraphics, Bravo