Interview: Mrs. Kasha Davis On Drag Race, What’s Next and Cocktails Galore!

Mrs. Kasha Davis
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In my interview with Mrs. Kasha Davis, I found her to not only be humble and grateful, but also contagiously optimistic. Kasha Davis may have departed from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 too soon, but she is just getting started!

In our interview, Mrs. Davis talks about all her exciting, limitless plans for the future, her new single ‘Cocktail’ (available on iTunes), her upcoming one-woman show and why she is finally leaving her day job to pursue drag as a full-time career! Now, she’ll have all the time in the world to be a full time housewife and showgirl!

So get up, go to the store, buy an already chilled box of wine, put your feet up and listen to the podcast above (downloads available). You can also follow along with the abridged transcript below, but whatever you do…just remember…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and there is always time for a COCKTAIL!!!

Alex: Hello Mrs. Davis! Are you there?

Mrs. Kasha Davis: Hello Darlings! I’m Here!!!

Yay! I feel like I should formally refer to you as Mrs. Davis throughout this interview. Is that correct?

Mrs. Kasha Davis or you can say MKD or you can say that lady with the glass of wine.

Do you have a glass of wine now?

I dont. I’m actually at my day job, but I’ll be going there shortly because it’s almost my lunchtime and I sneak out and get a little sandwich and you know, maybe just a little touch of Chardonnay.

Yeah, its already after noon so…

Exactly…and it’s Friday!

The first question I have is…Did Mr. Davis have the boxed wine chillin’ when you got home?

Mr. Davis, he knows! He has no problem having a box of wine chilling because he’s so glad that I have such cheap taste in booze. He’d have that chilling before he’d have a nice bottle of something else, fancy like Toasted Head or something.

Well, you get more wine with the boxed wine anyway.

Well, exactly, and I tell everybody, if you’re going to be a suburban housewife you have to have a boxed wine in the fridge so that you can sneak by with your coffee mug, tap it off and blow on it every once in a while so the kids can’t tell.

Mrs. Kasha Davis Amazonian Airways
Courtesy of Mrs. Kasha Davis

It was so sad to see you go from RuPaul’s Drag Race. It was a bummer for me. I thought you killed it on the Glamazonian Airways challenge. You looked like you were having so much fun and to this day every time I walk by a mirror I stop, look at it, point at myself and go, “WORK”!

WORK! Thank you. I had an absolute blast the entire experience, but the Glamazonian was right up my alley and I thought, these girls are all gonna try to look pretty and I’m gonna look like what I think is that seasoned airline stewardess who has the big hair and is probably back there instead of bringing around her little cart, tipping a couple of those little bottles.

I recently watched the latest episode of your Youtube channel where we got to see you reacting to getting accepted. I loved getting the inside scoop and watching you and Mr. Davis interacting together. I think it should be a reality show.

Well, from your voice to somebodies ears! First off, having the Youtube channel is so much fun because its something Mr. Davis and I can do together and I think Life With The Davis’ is my favorite. We’ve done cooking shows, we’ve done little goofy parodies and things, but Life With The Davis’ kind of brings you through the day in the life of and brings you behind the scenes. Particularly the one that you are speaking of is just amazing to me because I talk about how  I have the iPod piled up on my I Love Lucy collection. It just so happens that the first few episodes were filmed at the studios where some of the episodes were filmed and I thought, Oh my god, How ironic!”

Was being on the show everything you expected it to be?

Absolutely! As a little child..boy..girl..whatever I was, I was always dreaming you know, “I wanna go to Hollywood!” A really good friend of mine from my childhood , Brian, posted on Facebook saying that he remembered back in 1983 that little Eddie Popil and he were sitting on the floor and he said, “Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?” and I said, “All I know is that I want to be on a stage and I want everybody to know who I am!” I thought it was such a great thing for him to write because it’s a part of my life that really came true and I believe in living your dream and going for it! Now I just have to dream bigger!

i_really_dont_care_ on Instagram wants to know who your drag inspiration was?

The drag inspiration for Mrs. Kasha Davis comes from the women that I’ve admired in my life. Most importantly my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother was a vaudeville star. She was a whistler back in those days and she would host and get on stage in these fabulous gowns. She hosted The Italian Hour in Scranton, PA but she also performed at Radio City and back in the vaudeville days they toured everywhere. She was kind of like a drag queen, you know. These Italian divas in my family! My aunt Ida was another one, she’d be in the bathroom for hours before she was ready to come out…for breakfast! These women, I would be in awe of them and I was so jealous that they would get dressed up like that and I would have to wear corduroy huskies from Sears. They were also so funny, they just made fun of themselves and each other. There were those aunts that maybe had a couple too many glass of wine and they gave you a kiss on the cheek and it hurt your ear. I wanted to bring that kind of relatable housewife to the drag scene and I wanted to be the first housewife of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I live here in NYC and I know you have a show coming to The Laurie Beechman Theatre called There’s Always Time For A Cocktail!

Mrs. Kasha Davis Red Dress
Courtesy of Mrs. Kasha Davis

Yes. I’m so very proud and honored to be there. I know many other queens do different shows there as well as other performers. I believe Joan Rivers would test material there. It’s a great space. I actually saw Pandora Boxx perform there and it’s just my style. It’s a cabaret space. It’s a great setting. The show is the story of my life. The story of how I grew up in Scranton, PA and ended up a drag queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race. There’s a lot of love, acceptance, and struggle but with a lot of campiness in-between!

We have an Instagram question from Maffyewh, who wants to know who you would’ve been for Snatch Game and why? 

Well, Maffyewh darling, that answer is simple. It would’ve been Liza Minelli! Liza with a Z! My god, I adore her. Liza and I have such a strong connection, you know, I love how she goes for it and is fabulous and when she falls a little bit she gets right back up again and is a fighter. We have so much in common. We both share March 12th as our birthday and we both love Judy Garland, so I mean really, What else can I say!

This is kind of a silly question but, if Mrs. Kasha Davis were a cocktail, what kind would she be?

She would be a Tanqueray filled almost three quarters of the way up with just a whisper of tonic…and when I say a whisper, I mean you take the glass and you pour in a bit of tonic and then you blow the tonic off so that it’s just gin!

Download Mrs. Kasha Davis’ new single ‘Cocktail’.

Mrs. Kasha Davis shares what kind of drinks her drag sisters would be as well as other fun banter and insightful dialogue. Please listen to the podcast above to get the entire interview experience. You won’t want to miss it!

Get tickets to There’s Always Time For A Cocktail at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC on April 21st and May 12th

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