INTERVIEW: The Girl Who Masqueraded As A Dude On Grindr To Score Dick Pics For An Art Project

grindr-profileA burgeoning and shadowy art collective known as “Future Femme,” recently featured on Vice will be exhibiting a controversial art project in which four women competed to see who could get the most dick pics sent to them over the internet. The photos of the phalluses will be displayed in a small pop-up gallery space called Morgan Avenue Underground in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

What started as a lighthearted and bawdy joke among friends — after one of the artists received an unsolicited and surprising picture from an old college fling — quickly became a serious experimental performance piece, as the women diligently collected their photos. Interestingly, the artist who ended up winning the competition, created a fake profile on Grindr and Scruff.

While the other girls trolled OKCupid and Fetlife, this artist (whose name we were asked to keep anonymous due to the nature of the project) found that she could easily receive upwards of 10 pictures a day from gay social media hook-up apps with little to no effort.

The art project, while licentious and shocking, could certainly be thought of as an interesting exploration of gender, sexuality, and predation in the age of the internet. Or, conversely, it could be thought of as some horny girls having a laugh at the expense of men. Either way, the art piece is sure to start some much needed conversations about hook-up culture and the digital mating patterns of our fellow human beings.

Queerty chatted with the anonymous artist about her project.

Why did you use Grindr (and Scruff) for this project?

I used Grinder to collect my photos because I knew I would get results and still be able to remain completely anonymous. I didn’t have to deal with straight men trying to shock, date or harass me (though, admittedly, there were more than a few aggressive men on Grindr). I didn’t have to worry about men recognizing me IRL (there was just one occasion where the man who’s photo I used was recognized from Grindr and approached, but the person had never messaged me/him).

What was the difference between Scruff and Grindr? Did you like one better than the other?

I preferred getting photos on Scruff–Scruff’s interface let’s you save photos directly to your phone’s camera roll, I had to screenshot all of the photos I got on Grindr, and Grindr makes you crop all of your photos into squares so it was annoying, aesthetically, to have the black bars on the top and bottom of each photo. I couldn’t tell you whether I got more from one or the other, I wasn’t using the apps to try to get dates, I wasn’t trying to have conversations — I wanted to put in as little effort as possible to get the DPs. There was certainly more leather on Scruff though.

The project seems to be in a lot of grey area legally, and the Vice article mentioned you could face up to $1000 fines and a year in jail. Are you worried about this?

Yes and no. I’ve done everything I can to keep myself and the men whose photos I’ve received anonymous. I’m not trying to shame or make a mockery of any individual. I’m hoping that people will recognize that. Though, I am accepting donations for my bail (kidding [not kidding]).

What was the process of collecting the pictures like for you?

I started off very passive — the first 15 or so photos I received were from guys that just saw “Send me dick pics” on my profile, and just sent them (there was a guy that sent me 13 pictures of his dick without either of us ever saying one word to each other.) Once I was on the apps long enough, I figured out that there’s a right and wrong thing to say. I used variations of the same 6-8 words with everyone; by the end it was very automatic. I think people are drawn to this project because of some sort of “shock value,” but I don’t think dicks should be shocking.

How do you feel about winning the competition?

I knew I was going to win. There’s no prize or anything. I feel fine.

What do you think the results of the project reveal? Does your use of gay social media apps mean something specific?

As a queer woman, I don’t think I’m in any position to judge or comment on what I think my personal results “mean” about Grindr or gay-male culture or any sliver of the gay-male community. What I can say is that the other artists had to deal with and overcome heteronormative obstacles that I did not.

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  • Zodinsbrother

    So much wrong here. Talk about consent issues for example. These men consented to sharing their pictures with other gay men who were prospective partners. They didn’t consent to have their pictures put up on a wall for all and sundry to view.

    Imagine if this was men tricking women to share pictures and then showing them to the world.

    This is frankly obscene, sexist and exploitative of both men and gay male sexuality.

  • Fourltrfred

    @Zodinsbrother: Agreed. I don’t think what this woman did should be celebrated.

  • Fidelio

    @Zodinsbrother: I agree. And even if the intent wasn’t to shame, the reality is the entire the “project” in of itself has a shaming effect to it. Gay apps like Grindr and Scruff are sex sites for gay men. There is nothing subversive about it and these kind of games undermine who gay men are and, honestly, mocks our sexuality. Not to say all gay men go on Grindr, rather gay men have sex with other men and there’s nothing salacious or tawdry about that, regardless of platform.

  • Scribe38

    I think you guys are over reacting a bit. I am not anti-dick-pic. I have more than a few out there. You never know who you are sending your pics to, that is the nature of the net. As long as the guys face pics aren’t used so what. Not knowing who is on other end of the computer is the risk u take with social hook up sites. There has been enough leaked celebrity sex tapes and pics for every one to know the risk by now.

  • Scribe38

    There are gay channels on xtube with tricked str8 dudes video cam with women not knowing they are being recorded and posted for gay guys. TMZ Posted one of the actors from criminal minds sending video from his hot tub to someone he thought was a hot model this morning.

  • ncman

    @Fidelio: LOLOLOLOL Please explain how the fact that gay men have sex with other gay men turns into gay men NEED TO send dick pics across the internet to random people whom they don’t know with some sort of expectation of integrity? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    It’s the internet. You send the pics, you takes your chances. Get over it……

  • Kangol

    Very creepy and sleazy behavior by this “artist.” But it also goes to show that “Catfishing” can turn into something even more sinister, so please, people, be vary wary of whom you’re sharing your personal information and photos with.

  • MMDD

    @Zodinsbrother: I wholeheartedly agree. She should have been totally and completely upfront with every individual she contacted about what she was doing. She wouldn’t have had any problem getting dick pics because I’m sure there are plenty of guys of all orientations who would be more than happy to send her pics. If this were a groups of guys doing this to women, they would be put under the jail and called predators. Huge double standard here.

  • GGTK

    I always think what if the genders were reversed? A guy doing an art piece where he got naked pictures of women. It would be a violation of their privacy, sexist, and the work would be condemned. Whether the guys should have known better or care at all, their intent was something intimate and personal with someone else. Exploiting that is in poor taste.

  • HirsuteOne

    If you are worried about being “outed” by your dic pic, then perhaps you’ve been outing your dic a bit too much. Just sayin’.

  • artdude

    Welcome to the internet people. Stop clutching your pearls in mock offense. Men have been doing this to women forever. Gender equality means they get to do the same thing to us.

    Besides, the project itself speaks more to the nature of what gay male sexuality is becoming. You’re all just dick pics on the cellphone screens of someone’s life.

  • DarkZephyr

    @GGTK: My thoughts EXACTLY. If this was a man doing it to women, there would be the biggest uproar you could imagine.

  • DarkZephyr

    @artdude: Speak for yourself, buddy. I do not send “dick pics” to people and I have never done this to women, so they sure as HELL don’t get to do this to me.

  • IJelly

    There’s an undertone of mockery here – as if the artist is saying, “Look everyone, see how easy it is to get gay guys to show their dicks.” In certain countries a project like this would be used to expose and punish gay men, here it’s used to leer at and make fun of them. This feels like slumming.

  • ncman

    @DarkZephyr: if you don’t send dick pics to anyone, you don’t have anything to worry about…. they can’t do to you….

  • Katbox


  • ncman

    @Katbox: Sue her for what? The men gave her their pictures of their own free will. She didn’t steal them.

  • Fitz

    Suing won’t work. The correct response is to shove a baseball bat so far down her throat that it comes out her ass.

  • Fidelio

    @ncman: She used Grindr and Scruff, not OK Cupid or Match.com. Get your head out of your ass and understand this was a project targeting gay men. Why not send dick pics of straight guys as well, or vaginas? This was just stupid all around without artistic merit, whatsoever.

  • Hermes

    I’m sorry, in this case I have to go with the men who are unhappy about this – this has nothing to do with being outed, I am out, have been since I was 13 – and I must admit, I don’t share pics on Grndr and never heard of Scurf or whatever — BUT — the other posters are right, if men did this to gather naked pictures of women, and then created a public art exhibit – the screams of predator and monster would be very loud, and they would go straight to jail – my guess is for more than a year.

    I don’t use the words double standard very often, but in this case it is. The exhibit should not go up with these dishonest pictures in it – and I am appalled that anyone thinks it should. It isn’t that people’s pics on the net are safe, its that this was SPECIFIC deception to get pictures. These aren’t pics being given out by a disgruntled former lover, these are pictures gathered under false pretenses FOR an art exhibit, which turns historic rights on their ear. As much as I like dicks, I don’t like this.

    Kind thoughts,


  • Hermes


    Under false pretenses, there are all sorts of laws governing that – and therefore tort is possible.


  • Eric Auerbach

    Really? This bitch tricked a bunch of men into sharing dick pics that she is now, without their permission, going to share with the public — but her precious little name must remain anonymous? Expose this bitch, Queerty.

  • trelin

    Pretty smart way to get what she wanted to and succeed on her art project. For you that are shaming her, how about you stop sending pictures of your dick to random people you meet on your smart phone? I think once you post a picture onto an app, it’s out in the world and free property. I think so many gay men could use an ounce of humility, in more ways than one.

  • Charles175

    Once your dick is on the internet for all to see, the images can be used like fingerprints to ID that person for the purposes of quick and easy legalized revenge, blackmail and extortion. Look what happened to politician Weiner. His erection photo was a mere bulge under his gray sling shot briefs. Think before you post dick pics cause you can never take them back.

  • miagoodguy

    Cry me a river that they are suffering the consequences of their idiotic decision making.

  • Tackle

    This is too funny. I congratulate her for winning the competition and I hope the up-coming show is a “complete ” success. If I were in town, I would definitely attend. A project like this exposed the noble stupidity of many gay men. Forget any notions of suing. This is the internet. These hook-up sites are for grown men. No one put a gun to anyones head, or forced, or made those horny men do anything that they did NOT want to do.Once you make a decision to voluntarily send out a pic, especially an anonymous / no face: dick/ass, that becomes the receivers, gift/property /item /picture. You voluntary gave it away. There was NO agreement as to how the pic would be used.Right?? And all of you hypocrites who are on here crying about how she got the pics under false pretence. You need to sit down. Many of you have done the same thing but in a different manner. Many of you hypocrites have lied about your age. Have fake pictures up of someone else. Have pictures up that are 10-15 plus yrs old. Knowing that your face and body looks nothing like this now. And just like her, it’s all to get dick. Sometimes in pictures, sometimes in the flesh.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Tackle: Boy, you really hate your fellow gay men, don’t you.

  • jwrappaport

    All of these arguments in support/defense of this jerk are frankly offensive. Here is the gist of her “work”: she made false representations to people; knew that those representations were untrue; intended to deceive those people, who justifiably relied on those representations; caused a legally cognizable injury to those people; and benefitted from that injury.

    Whether the victims were imprudent or unsympathetic could not be more monumentally irrelevant. What she did, and what I very carefully spelled out above, is called deception and fraud. Textbook, legally actionable deception and fraud.

    Queerty, 2e0, and other internet sleuths: expose this person and shame her. What she did is disgusting, and she should be ashamed of herself. And so should all of you who defend her.

    @Tackle: Remove your head from rectum before posting. Certain acts, certain things are inherently private, and people know or should know the difference. Giving someone a naked picture does not give the receiver the right to publish it. There is an objective expectation of privacy. Your analogies to lying about one’s age, putting fake pics, etc., are unavailing, and distinguishable on one important ground: there is no legally cognizable damage to the victim except annoyance at being catfished.

  • jwrappaport

    @Eric Auerbach: Tell me about it. Sanctimonious twits like that have no place in our community.

  • bbg372

    @trelin: @Tackle: Copyright protection arises the moment a work—in this case a photograph—is fixed in a tangible medium. The author of the work has the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivatives, and publicly display the work. Additionally, the subject of the work has the exclusive right to his likeness in the work. Even if these men freely shared their photographs with these women, they still retain complete ownership of the photographs as well as their likeness in the photographs, including the right to reproduce and publicly display them. These women to not have a legal leg to stand on and could be liable for up to $250,000 in damages for every photograph in their “art” show and any gallery that hosts it can be liable for contributory infringement.

  • MMDD

    Some of these posts have proven what I’ve known for a long time: that there is no more homophobic place than right in the heart of the gay male community. The “noble stupidity of many gay men”? “So many gay men could use an ounce of humility, in more ways than one”? You don’t hear lesbians, bisexuals, or transgender folks dissing their own like this. You guys need to spend some serious time looking in the mirror instead of passing judgment on your gay brothers.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    I love how Queerty is happy to protect this female artists identity, withholding her name, and image; yet helps her promote the fact that she is exposing gay men, some of whom may not be out to the world, in a public art exhibit.

    As for this bitch claiming to be “queer” just because you dabbled with lesbianism, doesn’t give you the right to subject gay men to ridicule, and embarrassment. Either that, or she’s just another man hating dyke.

  • ncman

    @Mr. E. Jones: If there are gay men who are going to be recognized by people attending an art exhibit only from a dick pic with no body and face, those men have more issues than the art exhibit. Then please explain why in the world a gay man who is not out would ever send a dick pic to someone they don’t know.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Mr. E. Jones: That’s my favorite part. This bitch has no problem exposing privately-exchanged intimate photographs that she obtained under false pretences — but her precious little identity must be protected.

  • Almost9Hard

    I tell ya what…it’s worth the drive to the exihibition to see if any of my pictures are on there. If so, LAW SUIT!!! My pictures are MY pictures, whether I share them with another person or not. If you want to use my pictures, you HAVE to get my consent. There is implied privacy when you exchange/send pictures and there are been people who have tried to use my pictures as their own on some of these sites. The result? The administrators banned the user, offered me a “cease and desist” order in case the user tried to used my pictures on another site, and (although personal information was not given to me) one site even stated that if I got an attorney, they would supply the information to the courts and even supply their computer records showing the exchange of pictures and the abusers uses of my picture via their web site. Although the girls (I usually use “ladies,” but a lady would not be so selfish) project was interesting, they crossed the line when they decided to publicly display pictures they do not have the rights to show…plain and simple.

  • HeroQueero

    Here is an interesting question: Why didn’t she just down download pictures of penises from the MILLIONS available on the internet. She could’ve just typed “craigslist dicks” into her search engine and come up with endless amounts of photos for her project. Why did she need to have specific photos from gay men? Her claim of artistry sounds like a convenient excuse to lie to people online for some other personal purpose. True, once you post ANYTHING online it can be seen by anyone who searches for it, but why did she feel the need to pretend to be a gay man? I’m supposed to believe that there are not enough straight men in the world who want to send girls a pic of their business online? Sorry. Not buying it. Yours truly was not born yesterday.

    Also, I wonder how much of a fervor this same idea would cause if it was a hetero man pretending to be a lesbian to get photos of naked women. I doubt that people would be singing praises of his artistic achievements.

  • Almost9Hard

    @ncman: So, when you (or a loved on) posts a picture of your niece or nephew and it contains GPS locations, and then someone stalks your loved one…what would you say then? After all, you posted it on the internet, so under your rules, it’s all fair game and it’s YOUR fault…ummmm, I don’t think so…

  • Almost9Hard

    @Scribe38: And those celebs sued the f**k out of the person who leaked them…IF they could find out the source. You don’t have all the facts about privacy, my friend…

  • Eric Auerbach

    That’s really weird. Why is Queert deleting comments?

  • Almost9Hard

    @Eric Auerbach: Good question…I have an email saying Chris Kelley wrote: “Hey, commenters: the people who run the art space are not the same as the person who actually did the Grindr trolling. Misdirecting your anger by encouraging people to troll their personal Facebook pages is low.”

    My response to Chris – those people who “run” the art show are allowing these girls to use their space, therefore, they ARE responsible for what is shown there. It’s their responsibility to ensure liars like these girls cannot show illegally obtained items in their showplace. If I wanted to show a Disney movie in their venue, don’t you think there’d be legal crap raining down upon myself AND the art space folks?

  • Almost9Hard

    @HeroQueero: I presume the experiment was to get guys who are willing to share their penis picts via a social site, in real time…I think it was a brilliant study, but the line was crossed when they shared private data (no pun intended…actually, yeah, the pun was intended!) in a pub(l)ic forum…

  • Mr. E. Jones

    @Eric Auerbach:

    Not weird, and actually quite common. There hasn’t been real freedom of speech here since Andrew Belonsky left years ago.

  • trelin

    @bbg372: I love how you’ve researched your methodology and your legal standing so you’re fully preparing when and if your pictures are spread across the world wide web. As I stated before, if we all had an ounce of humility, perhaps we’d think twice about what we share. And honestly, I doubt you’d be able to track down the culprit or even make a dollar of what you believe you’re owed.

  • Almost9Hard

    @trelin: Actually, smart ass, if you know ANYTHING about JPG and PNG files, there are what we “intelligent people” call “headers” in each file. You can place your name, copyright information, GPS location, ALL kinds of data (FPS, F/stop, date, time, subject matter…the list goes on and on) etc. in that area. An aweful lot is automatically placed there when you take your picture. IF one is educated, then you would put an identifying number in the Copyright field…ESP since MOST software will deny access if it see ANYTHING in the Copyright field. Even if you’re not smart, as long as you have the original file, that data will still match up (file size, DPI, colour depth…) IF you are, indeed the owner, you would have no problem proving it’s you’re data file…

    And a suggestion…THINK before you speak…TWICE, because you obviously don’t know crap!

  • Almost9Hard

    @miagoodguy: and when you or a loved on post an innocent picture of their beloved, and a stalker reverse engineers their GPS info from the picture then harms them either physically or mentally…then and ONLY then will I be sure that you’ll be safe and secure in your knowledge that it was the fault of whomever posted it…idiot!

  • Almost9Hard

    @Tackle: You’re a moron…one sentence can prove it: We have never LIED BY PRETENDING to be a woman to get pictures of another woman. Case closed, nitwit!

  • Almost9Hard

    @ncman: @artdude: I beg to differ, but this woman is making fame (and possibly profit) off of pictures that she never followed proper procedure for. I agree that you never know who’s on the other side of the wire, but if some bitch is gonna make money off our pictures just because she wants to, then she’s gotta follow international laws and somehow compensate the original owner. It’s called “expected privacy,” the same laws that keep your neighbors from pointing cameras into your back yard and sharing that information with the public. Become educated before you try to speak next time…

  • Almost9Hard

    @Almost9Hard: sorry, ncman…don’t know why you’re name showed up…QUEERTY needs to fix their posting system; it’s VERY lacking by today’s standards…

  • LaTeesha

    Bored, fat chick can’t get laid so she seeks out dick pics and turns it into an art project. Cool.

  • joeshmoe

    @Zodinsbrother: Agreed, and I don’t understand why anyone would protect her identity, she’s fine outing and exposing others why can’t someone do the same to her?

  • ncman

    @Almost9Hard: You keep using analogies which aren’t even close to being analogous to this situation. You have talked about a picture being stolen from the web and having its GPS info used for stalking and also talked about someone secretly photographing a neighbor and then sharing the photos.

    This woman was GIVEN these photos by men, some of whom were not even asked for them. They just sent to to her without even being asked. And, in addition to her own anonymity, she also stated she is also protecting the anonymity of the men in the photos. There are no faces or bodies in these photographs. Just dicks. No one will be recognizable.

    Here is a better analogy. You have a physical photograph of your dick. You hand it over to a random person on the street who you don’t know. And, now you believe you have a right to expect that this random person is prohibited from showing that photo to anyone else. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • miagoodguy

    Yes, because as we all know, posting pictures of family events or family members for family and friends to see is the same thing as VOLUNTARILY sending an x picture of yourself to a STRANGER on sex hookup site. Yeah, I’m the idiot, not the guys who without a second thought send a picture of their junk (or ass) to STRANGERS (especially if those pictures show your picture). It is called personal responsibility and not being stupid.

    FYI, my family only post pictures privately and only people we actually know in REAL LIFE have access to those pictures.

  • Tackle

    @Eric Auerbuch: Not at all.
    @Jwrappaport: Your community?? You don’t own a community, and it is NOT your community. You or no one else makes a decision as to who belongs. People have a right to different ideas. thoughts and opinions.
    @bbg372: Thanks for your calm, respectful, mature explanation. I hear what you are saying, but still havs some disagreement.

  • trelin

    @Almost9Hard: You’re lovely. Do you have any decency? And you obviously have a lot of time on your hands to post about 10 times on this blog, and respond ignorantly to people’s opinions. I’m not stating I have legal background or a technical background in what’s involved in a JPG or whatever your file is. If you do actually read and not insult, the main point of my comment was about having humility about what you send to people. Obviously, from your username, you’re imploring people to be curious about your endowment, or perhaps that’s all you have going for you. Well, I have to admit, you do know a lot of tech-talk and you know the components of a JPEG file on its tracking and location services. But will that truly bring you any closer than a pinpointed location? Isn’t there also technology that can knock-off location sensors?

    All in all, yes she’s shady, but I think her idea is smart. THINK before you send pictures of your privates, people.

  • Tackle

    @Almost9Hard: I doubt it. Probably more like 7. Besides, who gives a shit if the dick is ugly and misshapen. Just like your mentality. I see your post quickly degenerated to childish name calling.
    Smart ass.
    All from someone who keeps telling others to think before you speak. You should really take your own advice. You try to present yourself as being educated on the subject matter, but what you are really presenting and showing is your anger, arrogance, immaturity, lack of patience and intolerance for others with a different view or opinion, right or wrong. Besides, I’m sure the men who sent the pictures would not want someone as negative as you speaking on their behalf.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Tackle: Yeah you do. Your comments drip with contempt for other gay men. You have some real work to do on yourself.

  • Stache1

    @miagoodguy: “Yeah, I’m the idiot”..Well, at least you got something right.

  • tdx3fan

    There are possible law violations, but one thing being partnered to a lawyer has taught me is not to speculate. I do not believe any true experts have posted here. This story simply reinforces that you should be prepared for everything when you send your pic to a stranger. If it was my dick pic in question, I would be fine with publication. I have a great dick, and I am not afraid to show it off. However, I still do not feel the need to photograph it and send it out on social media, so it could not have been mine.

  • Tackle

    @Eric Auerbach: Your right. I would say that we all have work to do on ourselves. Real work
    Including YOU. Everyone is human and that equals (imperfection). And when frequent displays of racism ,ageism , and fat phobi. And when gays on here are constantly bitchy and snarkie, and their post drips with unnecessary name calling at other gays, be consistent and remind them of the work they need to do on themselves.

  • acoolerclimate

    At first when I read this I was getting upset too, just like most of you. I was thinking “how dare she use the dick pics” etc. But then I re-thought about it. Why do we really care? If there is nothing to identify the owner, that what is the problem? It will be lots of pictures of penises and no one will be able to know who they belong too.

    And continuing that thought. I think penis’s are beautiful. Why not show them? I’m sure all of us would go see the exhibit, even the ones who are angry about it. And why? Because we all like to look at dicks. But for some odd reason in America, it’s only okay to look at pics from guys who are willing to sully their reputation to show them. We can never look at “legitimate” guys pics. Strange, all (most) guys have a penis. We all (most?Many?) like them, so we shouldn’t be so funny about showing them.

    Well, that’s my crazy thought of the day. I for one wish I could see all (most) guy’s dicks. I sure wouldn’t think any less of them if I did.

  • miagoodguy

    I guess we live in a society that people will excuse idiotic behavior (sending your dick picture to a STRANGER) rather than say “you know, you acted stupid, you sent your picture to STRANGER, and now you are suffering the consequences.” I guess we shouldn’t be responsible for our own action anymore. It must be someone else’s fault.

    One of the most ridiculous thing about those trying to defend these “innocent” guys is that they are outraged that it was a girl pretending to be a guy and not the act of posting the pictures. I wonder if they would be okay if it was another gay guy who did the same thing.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Tackle: Will do. And when I slip up, feel free to call me out too.

  • Cyn

    Wow. If I was stupid enough to send naked pics to an anonymous stranger I’d expect them to end up somewhere a lot more public than an art exhibit. So she wasn’t up front, hey this is a sociology/art project, send me a picture of your dick. She just said send me a picture of your dick and lots of men did. Too late to cry I’ve been used and abused. Only an idiot would do that.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Cyn: I never get over how insensitive, and cynical, and just plain desensitized to shittiness some people are.

  • TheMike

    Wow, what’s the uproar here? I’ll be completely honest here. I go on Grindr and other sites. I use them to look for sex. I send pictures of my penis to people who indicate interest in either actually meeting me for sex or at least exchanging nude pictures and chatting dirty. Even if we don’t actually meet, even if sometimes the guy is too far away and there is no possibility that we will EVER meet, I get off on the exhibitionism. I have a sex drive, I am turned on by other naked men and enjoy knowing other sexually attractive men are turned on by me. I am not ashamed of that. I enjoy it. If someone takes one of the pictures of my penis, just my penis, and shows it to someone else, well perhaps my penis was aesthetically pleasing enough to share with someone else. My penis does not have my name, address, phone number, or social security number displayed anywhere on it and thus its image cannot be used as a form of identification; a stranger will have no idea it is MY penis; they don’t even know who I am. Some people may recognize it from seeing it sent to them or seeing it in person, but that would mean I already displayed it to them of my own free will. I’m not unusual, I’m playing the same game as many others, but strange that I am the first person to freely admit exactly what it is I do on Grindr.

  • RamseyF

    I can’t believe anyone’s defending this woman. Sure some of the people that sent her pics might have been stupid, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to have bad things happen to them. Two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s the kind of moral compass a caveman has.

    The way that society treats gay people is bad enough, now we have to be taken advantage of by our supposed “allies”?

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