An Interview With RuPaul: “Drag Threatens The Ego”

RuPaul took the time to sit down with Jesse Thorn, host of the Bullseye podcast, and talk about being an outsider and how he found his “true tribe”. Listen to the podcast above; RuPaul’s interview begins at about 2:40 and ends around 23:00.

Fun Facts About RuPaul (from this interview):

  • RuPaul was inspired as a child by Bugs Bunny and Monty Python.
  • RuPaul was once a used car salesman for his brother-in-law in Atlanta.
  • RuPaul was a backup singer for a punk rock band in Atlanta called The Now Explosion.
  • RuPaul’s mother used to say, “Unless their paying your bills, pay them b*****s no mind.”