Life's a ball

Which intimate part of Armie Hammer’s anatomy was digitally edited out of “Call Me By Your Name”?

The more you know…?

A recent SiriusXM radio interview revealed 31-year-old actor Armie Hammer had some trouble maneuvering his manly business around a pair of short shorts while filming Call Me By Your Name.

“There was a few times where they had to go back and digitally remove my balls from the movie,” he tells Andy Cohen.

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“They were short shorts. What’re you gonna do?”

“Short shorts and big balls, that’s what you’re saying?” Andy taunted.

“Oh, my mom’s going to love listening to this interview,” Armie said, and then quipped that footage of his balls wound up elsewhere in the movie:

“If you look carefully at all the trees, it’s not all peaches.”