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  • Mike L.

    It has a nice ring to it :)

  • bluenosedive

    Thats sweet ^_^

  • PADude

    Wow. Ellen is beautiful, but Portia is ethereal.

  • Skyler

    YAY!!!! I love them!! That’s so cute.

  • Jeffree

    Ellen & Portia are beautiful inside & out.
    Never forget how much they have done for the LGB communities just by being “out there”. They changed some hearts & minds simply by being who they are.
    I wish Gallup or someone would do a poll to see how many peoples’ attitudes toward SSM were changed just because of the pair of them.

    @PADUDE: I love that word ethereal. My Dad is a guy of *very *few words, but when Portia was on Arrested Development [a show I miss] I remember him saying “That woman is such a natural beauty” and when she & Ellen got married, he actually asked Mom if maybe they should send a card congratulating them !

    I raised them right, eh what? ;-D

  • Ash

    @Jeffree: Indeed, you did. Your dad is awesome! Sweet story.

    @PADude: I’d have to agree with you too. Nice use of that word!

    Shucks, I agree with all of you.

    I wish all the best to Ellen and Portia :)

  • adman

    They’re just gorgeous, that’s all. Beautiful couple.

  • Jeremyrh2387

    I have loved Ellen since her sitcom Ellen. She has always been amazing at everything she did! I just recently got to see Portia act in Better of Ted and I loved her!

  • Alexander A.

    “Petitioner is taking the last name of her spouse.”: Reason given on the petition… Wow, it really is that simple, huh? We argue so much over the marriage issue and the terminology, that the gender-neutral term “spouse” is neglected. But it IS that simple, regardless of genders… I think it’s sweet.

  • Sarah

    Well, Ellen is the more famous one. But I like “Di Rogeneres.”

  • axos

    @Jeffree: You and your parents – you just brought tears to my eyes!

    Ellen and Portia – they seem to be such genuine, good people. It’s so great that they’re around. Best of luck to them.

  • Ash

    @Jeremyrh2387: Portia was fantastic in Better Off Ted! It was the first time I’d really seen her act as well and she was so good. And that show was great at times. It’s a shame it got cancelled.

    And Ellen’s original sitcom was great. I got to watch quite a few reruns before they stopped airing them.

  • Cam

    I hope they continue to be very happy.

  • ktbisl32

    When you reference lesbian relationships with the language “who the man is” that implies that there cannot be a relationship without a man. Neither is the man; they’re both women. Ellen may be more dominate (which some might refer to as masculine) or perhaps Portia is just more devoted or she more appreciates the tradition of changing one’s name. I don’t insult gay men by saying one of them is the woman, please don’t insult lesbians either.
    PS This photo is adorable.

  • Samwise

    That’s really sweet. And yet somehow you still managed to ruin the moment with this completely unnecessary dig: “just in case you were wondering who the man was.” Ugh.

    Is it bad that I kind of hope Portia will continue to go by Portia de Rossi professionally? I just think that’s a prettier name than Portia DeGeneres. On the other hand, maybe I’ll get used to it.

  • jeff

    I love them both and wish them happiness. at least Portia doesn’t have to change her monogram.

  • Sarah

    @ktbisl32: i think the author was implying that by carrying on a heterosexual tradition, the couple itself is showing who it believes to be the more “masculine” spouse.

  • Zach


    There’s no way any writer for Queerty would even be that minutely clever.

  • tylertime

    I wish Portia would pick a name and stick to it. She was born Amanda Lee Rogers and then took the stage name Portia De Rossi and is now Portia Degeneres. What’s wrong with the name her parents gave her?

  • Ash

    @Samwise: You’re not alone! I really like her name now, it flows so well and it sounds so nice. Portia de Rossi…beautiful name.

  • Jeremyrh2387

    @Ash: I am happy you saw her sitcom! No one seems to have!

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