Dubious Honor

Introducing The Douches Of The Year: The Republican Presidential Candidates

This year set new standards for douchiness, so when the Queerty edit team sat down to award the coveted 2011 Douche of the Year award, we were confronted with an embarrassment of riches (or something that rhymes with riches).There was Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who took political ineptness to new heights during the marriage equality battle in New York State. There was Indiana state Rep. Phil Hinkle, who denied being gay even after he was caught advertising himself as a “sugga daddy” and paying an 18-year-old (male) $80 during an encounter at a motel. What about New Jersey high-school teacher Viki Knox, who wrote 36 pages of less-than-AP-English-quality rants against gay people on Facebook?

And then there’s the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer—just for being himself.

But sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

While almost all of the GOP presidential candidates could qualify as Douche of the Week individually, their collective douchiness is exponentially greater.

So we’ve made the Republican presidential front runners the joint winners of the inaugural Douche of the Year award.


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Images via DonkeyHotey