The Art Of Sexting

Introducing The Grindr Profile That Uses Fine Art To Flirt


Flirting on Grindr can be such a repetitive bore:

“Hey, you’re so hot.”

“Nice abs.”


“Want to have sex?”

It’s like, ‘great, thanks.’ But you’ve heard that all before. Wouldn’t it be nice if users upped their flirting/sexting game, even just a little? Depending on your location, you may be in luck. There’s a profile out there called “Grindr Gallery” who takes the time to flirt with substance. If you have nice abs, he might suggest that your abs remind him of Tom Finland.


He uses art as an opening to kick-start a convo.


Or sometimes just pops in to deliver your favorite art via sext.


And while it’s not sex, he’s still interested in meeting up.


Oh mister, name a time and place. (Check out more of this premier art zone for MSMs.)