Iowa Bishop And School Compromise, Agree To Present Gay Student With Scholarship

Earlier in the week we reported on Keaton Fuller, a gay Des Moines student who wasn’t going to be allowed to accept a prestigious scholarship during his graduation ceremony because the foundation it came from supported gay rights.

Well, it looks like a compromise of sorts has been reached: Bishop Martin Amos, who overruled the wishes of administrators at Prince of Peace Catholic School when he put the kibosh on the presentation, says the school superintendent will read a script by the Eychaner Foundation and a scholarship committee member will present the award, worth $40,000 toward tuition at the University of Iowa. Both Fuller and the foundation, which gives the scholarship to outstanding students who have worked for LGBT equality in their community, approve of the compromise.

Personally it makes us nauseous—but maybe that’s because we’re not obligated to salute the ethical contortions the Church routinely employs to keep its flock in line.  We know Fuller didn’t choose to be Catholic, but hopefully going to a big state school will broaden his horizons. We hear the Unitarians are very gay friendly.