Iowa Lesbians Deemed Too Gay To Eat Religious Baker’s Wedding Cake

When Victoria Childress invited Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sieversfor over to her home bakery to sample different wedding cakes, she didn’t realize the two women were the ones getting married. When the lesbian couple informed her, Childress told them, “I’m a Christian, and I do have convictions… I’m sorry to tell you, but I’m not going to be able to do your cake.” But according to Childress she’s not discriminating (of course not), it’s just her right as a business owner to refuse them for their lifestyle.

The lesbian couple says they felt chastised and degraded. Vodraska added, “I know Jesus loves me. I didn’t need her to tell me that. I didn’t go there for that. I just wanted to go there for a cake.” Iowa has a public accommodations law assuring LGBTs couples equal treatment, but the couple has not decided whether or not to file a civil rights complaint against God’s baker.

Via Towleroad