Iowa Rep. Steve King Proudly Waving Around His Discrimination

Standard set up: Marriage equality supporter vs. opponent. Last night on CNN, the often insufferable Roland Martin invited Human Rights Campaign executive director Joe Solmonese and Iowa Rep. Steve King (R), a staunch opponent to gay rights who’s hoping to drum up controversy for a 2010 gubernatorial run. (He favors amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage.) Nothing really new discussed here, and the arguments have been repeated before, but it’s great to see attention given to the most important civil rights struggle today — and let bigots like King get a chance to expose themselves as history’s villains.

This is also the guy who told an audience at an anti-abortion event on Monday: “I will tell you that I first came into this political arena with the belief innocent human life was the most important thing that I could be involved in. I still believe that is the most important value. But I also recognize that if we don’t save marriage, we can’t remain pro-life.”

NB: Mr. Somonese is looking quite dapper (and, dare we say, more youthful?) these days.