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  • Francis

    Not great news, but also a great opportunity for our side to get in and try to touch some hearts and minds on why equality is so important.

  • jasun mark

    We clearly have a LOT of work to do.

  • chpinnlr

    If they changer the words same-sex to inter-racial people might see just how fucking offensive these types of polls are! Just because the majority thinks it’s wrong doesn’t make it so.

  • Viciente

    Double Queerty fail! First, it is pathetic enough that Queerty doesn’t do its own journalism, let alone conduct its own polls, preferring instead to free-ride off of the work of others, but now it can’t even properly link to the work from which it is leeching. The link should be to the Des Moines Register, which conducted the poll, not the Sioux City Journal

    Second, the poll result cited by Queerty was NOT in response to the question of whether they were in support of gay marriage, but rather what they thought of the IA Supreme Court ruling. That means that a number of
    people opposed to the ruling could object solely on the grounds that the court overstepped its role.

    When asked whether they would vote in favor of an amendment to the IA constitution to ban SSM, the response was 35% in favor, 38% against, 25% would not vote and 2% unsure. With the “would not vote” option, this question is different from those asked in any other poll. I think the prudent thing to do would be to discount those 25% and add the “not sure” vote to the anti-gay tally, giving us essentially a split vote. That is not a bad result at all, considering that the amendment would have polled at about 60 percent in 2009.

    Queerty, please hire some journalists from any nearby high school paper. It would improve the quality of the blog tremendously.

  • Darrell

    You are all missing something really important…of those who said they would vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage in the State of Iowa; 52% said they would vote against the measure. (you need to do a little basic math; but as a former math major in college I can assure you its correct).

    This is VERY significant considering never have we won a vote of the people in any state where same sex marriage has gone to a vote. Of even more significance is that this is IOWA…the middle of the country and that the country nearly always follows Iowa’s lead on such forward issues.

    Of Course Iowa is much more forward then most people know. Its been more then a half century since the death penalty was allowed in Iowa. And of course, Iowa with a very small minority population launched Obama to the Presidency.

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