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Iowa State Rep. Dwayne Alons Knows Your Fags’ ‘Lifestyle’ Is Spreading The AIDS And Killing You Early

Iowa State Rep. Dwayne Alons, the Republican lawmaker, was asked whether he agrees with the positions about gays put forth by the Family Leader, the umbrella group of the Iowa Family Policy Council led by the state’s leading bigot Bob Vander Plaats. Things like how the state’s homosexuality problem is a greater health risk than smoking. Alons went even further.

In an interview with Think Progress‘ Igor Volsky, Alons says, the “whole [homosexual] lifestyle has brought a lot of problems to society…For the most part when you look at some of the issues that have been brought up by homosexuals’ lifestyle, there are a lot of negatives that have been brought into society and I think government is trying to deal with that and should be dealing with that. … Well, look at all that has been spent, you know, with the AIDS and with the issues related to dying at an early age. I think life’s longevity — of a lot of these folks is below 50, when you know, the normal people that do not enter into that kind of relationship, their either late into their 70s or early 80s for longevity. A lot more actual productive years and contributing to society.”

So how might we fight off all these negative symptoms of The Gay: By “having a limitation on one man and one woman [in marriage] would be a pathway to get that as a basic foundational direction.”